CANVAS Prince of Peace Painting by Akiane Kramarik

Akiane Prince of Peace Canvas Heaven is for Real Painting of Jesus Seen on CNN

CANVAS Prince of Peace Painting by Akiane Kramarik

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This image titled "Prince of Peace" is the the one that Colton Burpo identifes as Jesus and is featured in both the movie and best selling book Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo.
This divinely inspired painting by Akiane, also known as the - Ressurection Painting of Jesus -  is now considered to be the ‘new standard’ Jesus’ portrait and is preserved on canvas using the highest quality process of reproduction available in the world today. 
Many believe that - Prince of Peace - represents  the Real Face of Jesus - seeing his face and love may help  deepen your relationship Jesus.
We are visual by nature. When we meet people over the phone or email, we always wonder what they look like. When we finally meet them face-to-face, this strengthens our connection. In addition, having a picture of a loved one close to us eases the pain of separation and makes us feel closer. The same is true of Jesus.
While we are rarely alone, many of us often feel lonely.
We seek to be part of something bigger. We yearn to belong, to be part of a community. We want to have our souls fed and our spiritual needs met. We don’t want to feel lonely.
 That’s exactly why we created this website. First, we believe a relationship with Jesus is the foundation of peace and solace in our lives, we offer you a free portrait of Jesus. This painting depicting the Real Face of Jesus was created by child prodigy and world-renowned artist, Akiane Kramarik.
Once you see the Real Face of Jesus, you can begin to know Him and develop a relationship with Him.
By keeping the portrait close and looking at it often, we hope this reminds you that He loves you and cares for you.
We invite you to continue your connection with our community!
We also understand that you might be aching to share your feelings with others. To help you, we encourage you to visit our Facebook pageThousands of people who share your thoughts connect there and find comfort in our thriving community. Plus, we invite you to visit our blog often. Here, we provide inspiration and delve into how Jesus artwork can provide comfort and connection.
 And we invite you to explore this website for Jesus art and inspirational gifts.
Finally, our goal is to introduce you to Jesus through art and inspire you through beautiful – and sometimes whimsical – objects that offer personal reflection and inspiration and make great gifts.
 We hope you’ll begin to experience love as you never have before through a relationship with Jesus. For now, take a moment to explore. You have found a safe haven.

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         More About Prince of Peace & Akiane 

At age 4, Akiane began having vivid visions of Heaven, Jesus, angels, and God. Her parents, who were atheists at the time, came to realize that these visions were more than just the active imagination of a child. From that point on, Akiane became passionate about drawing and painting - first in pencil, then charchol and by age a 6 paint.

This exquisite canvas reproduction of Akiane’s painting of Jesus titled “Prince of Peace” was completed at age 8 and is considered her first art masterpiece . Prince of Peace is also known as -  the "Heaven is for Real painting of Jesus". Akiane's portrait of Jesus, Prince of Peace,  is featured in both the Heaven is for Real movie by Sony/Tristar and all the  "Heaven is for Real" books by Todd Burpo - published by Thomas Nelson.  She began praying and searching diligently for someone that looked similar to who she saw in her vision of Jesus. One day, after hours of focused prayer, a man knocked on her door. He had heard she was looking for a model for a portrait of Jesus and offered to sit for it. Akiane accepted his offer and the result is her first masterpiece, the Prince of Peace.

Akiane and her painting quickly gained international attention and has since appeared on hundreds of television shows and been featured in thousands of publications – both nationally and internationally. Within a very short time, Akiane’s art work has become a global phenomenon.

Prince of Peace is considered to be her first masterpiece. Akiane explains that love and truth are represented on the illuminated side of Jesus’ face, while the opposite side reflects darkness and suffering. The light in his eyes is added as a reminder that He is always with us. The subtle tones of his skin clearly portray his Middle Eastern decent.

Now, because of the generous heart of one little girl, you too can own "Prince of Peace";  the painting that been descrbed by thousands of people (including art collectors) as the most intriguing portrait of Jesus they have ever seen.   


Prince of Peace on Canvas Options - Which do you prefer? 

         Limited Edition Giclée

    Limited Number Printed in each series size

    Akiane personally Signs and Numbers each Canvas

    Certificate of Authenticity is included with your purchase

Open Edition Giclée

    Each of these sizes are available in unlimited quantities

    They are equal in quality to limited editions

    Open edition are Unsigned and without numbers

 Shipping & Delivery

    Allow 2 weeks for delivery within the USA

    International orders may take up to  4 weeks for delivery

    Canvas are insured and shipped using a delivery service that provides tracking information


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