Visible Prayer: Growing Closer to God through Bible Journaling

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“My relationship with Jesus remains one of pure Wonder, Humbleness and Gratitude. I grow I see how Vast and Unlimited His Love is.  Jesus is Love.  He is the only way to God - the only way to Heaven and Joy.  Only Love can bring us closer to the God’s Almighty Truth, Wisdom and Happiness. 
My art is only a representation of what I see ~ Jesus’ Glory is beyond any description!”  Akiane

Prayer is an important means of communicating with God.  It is a non-visual act with a lot of the time is spent in silence awaiting God’s response.  As humans, however, are predominantly visual creatures. “Because [prayer is] invisible [act] it is hard to keep up with our prayerful transactions – confessions, petitions, revelations and most importantly, God’s guidance. There is no telling how many transactions take place between us and God throughout the day,” says Gina Duke of Churchtown Ministries.

Making Prayer Visible Through Illuminated Bible Journaling

What if we could make prayer visible?  Bible journaling offers us a fantastic means for seeking and experiencing a deeper relationship with God on a visual basis. Jann Gray calls this illuminated journaling; “If you were to do a quick flip through one of my Bibles, you would find that sermon notes, prayers, word studies and cross references have been scribbled in the margins and that words and even whole paragraphs have been underlined, circled and color coded.” 

Start this wonderfully enlightening habit today and see how your relationship with the Divine deepens!

Bible Journaling Kit with Bible

 (ESV Journaling Bible with Foundations Bible Journaling Kit, $79.95)

Structured prayer journaling helps me to see how God is working not only with my prayer petitions, but everything else in my life. Prayer encompasses my total relationship with God. Everything going on in the Spirit-realm is related,” Gina continues. “When we write our prayers down, it is like bringing things from the spiritual realm into our visual presence where we can now see the physical hand of God moving in our life.”

Faithbooking and journaling are a means to express faith, praise God, capture life’s lessons, review prayers, mark God’s daily presence in your life, contemplate sermons or bible passages, record Christian song lyrics that particularly move you, foster a prevailing sense of gratitude and appreciation, leave a spiritual legacy for your children, allow for meditation and reflection, help you to better articulate your prayers, serve as a tool for witnessing to others, and so much more.

I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago. I will consider all your works and meditate on all your mighty deeds.” — Psalm 77:11-12

Faithbooking: Spiritual Scrapbooking

Using a blank or lined journal, one can create a scrapbook or art journaling known as faithbooking in some Christian circles. The blog Three Girlies gives a step-by-step tutorial on creating such a notebook, scrapbook, or bible journal from scratch. All you need is an empty journal, ready to be filled with the celebration of God’s Holy Word, and writing implements and decorations of your choice. Even kids can join in!

Journal, Be Still, Wait - Jesus Prince of Peace Jouranl

(Be Still and Know that I am God Journal, Prince of Peace, from $12.95)

According to Wikipedia, “Faithbooking, or spiritual scrapbooking, is a creative expression of a family's spiritual journey, values and events that are captured in scrapbooks, diaries or journals that combine the use of photographs, decorated papers, scripture, thoughts, prayers, blessings, stories and embellishments such as buttons, ribbon and other creative art media. The goal of faithbooking is to creatively preserve and tell a story about how a family grows spiritually.

We are in essence recording history and helping ourselves remember the memorable times God has intervened, reached out, and changed our lives,” says Rhonda Anderson, co-founder of Creative Memories.

Faith booking gives what Jann Gray calls “creative expression to your faith” and it is very much akin to what Akiane Kramarik conveys with her artwork in paintings such as “Prince of Peace,” “Mother’s Love,” and “Power of Prayer.”

Letting “Perfection” Go

In this day and age of “Pinterest Perfection,” it is wisdom to remember that God loves excellence and only God himself is perfect … so be creative … express yourself! Visible prayer and bible journaling is meant to be fun, enriching and a wonderful way to glorify God!

Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” — Matthew 18:3

Revel in the childish, embrace your so-called “imperfections” knowing that there is no such thing for you are perfect in God’s eyes. The Littlest Way has a wonderful post about this topic.

The thing to remember is to not get so caught up in the process itself, let the Word of God flow through you and transform into what it wants to be. You are merely a vessel. Go forth and create! Make your prayers and memories of God’s hand in your life last a lifetime.

Journal Page - Bible Art Journaling

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  • BTW…Bibles are expensive; so, I now journal in notebooks…

    Marcus Libidinsky on

  • My last bible was so full of notes that I had to buy a new one…God didn’t express one tiny bit of disapproval !!!

    Marcus Libidinsky on

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