* The Power of Beautiful Christ Focused Art As Seen In the Face of Jesus painting by Akiane Kramaik

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jesus art shop prince of peace by akiane kramarik heaven is for real picture of Jesus


One of the essential commitments of art is to convey scenes that are inspiring and uplifting. Painter Edgar Degas once said, “art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” With its immense beauty and sacred message, Christian & Inspirational art provides visual sustenance for the soul in its depictions of Jesus and the Gospels as seen in paintings such as Jesus Prince of Peace, by Akiane Kramarik - available to purchase from Art & SoulWorks.

Making art activates the whole brain and can foster the integration of emotional, cognitive, and sensory processes.” — Joan French, MA NCC LCPC

 Father Forgive Double-matted Print 

Jesus in Father Forgive Them painting by Akiane Kramarik double matted print www.art-soulworks.com

Creativity has the power to transform, heal, and enrich our lives, much like the story of Akiane Kramarik’s art bringing her atheist family to Jesus. Art can alter or raise one’s consciousness, well-being, and emotional health in a positive manner through embodied cognition. For instance, in an interview with Catholic News Service, Sister Jane Mary Sorosiak spoke of how their Mother Superior would surround them in Christian art and beauty to better uplift them and inspire them to be better religious folk. This is exactly the mission Akiane Kramarik has with her art, especially Jesus Prince of Peace: to change people for the better, to inspire.



According to Professor Semir Zeki, the chair in Neuroaesthetics at University College in London, in a quote with Uplift Connect: “The blood flow increased for a beautiful painting just as it increases when you look at somebody you love. It tells us art induces a feel-good sensation direct to the brain.” In a nutshell, art makes us feel good. Furthermore, in an article with Deseret News, photographer Scott Sumner says: “People see with their hearts and their feelings, and the way they relate to art becomes priceless.”

Christian Art is Meaningful

Christian art allows one to be a witness to and messenger of the Gospels. It serves as a means to spread the message of God is the creator of all beauty. Christian art touches the feelings and excites emotions and passions. In his bookEyes Wide Open: Enjoying God in Everything (Credo House, 2012), Steve DeWitt says: “Every created beauty was created by God to lead our affections to Him.”

Prince of Peace

This is the message we heard from Jesus and now declare to you: God is light, and there is no darkness in him at all.” — 1 John 1:5 (NIV)

Inspirational art of Christ has a purpose, a higher calling, that can be seen in artists the world over, including Akiane Kramarik. To this day, Akiane Kramarik’s Jesus Prince of Peace is a beloved artwork of Christians around the world. More of her divinely inspired art can be seen in our art gallery.

“Prince of Peace” Canvas,  shown here


jesus art shop prince of peace by akiane kramarik heaven is for real picture of Jesus


Surrounding Yourself in God’s Love

Our appreciation of beauty is one thing that unites humanity. Despite race, creed, nationality, and gender, beauty brings us all together in awe of God the Creator. “The Creator of beauty has set up all the beauty of things. Divinity is manifest through the names of Wise and Beautiful,” claimed Thomas Aquinas (source: Harries, Art and the Beauty of God: A Christian Understanding, 2005).

Through Christian art, it is possible for Christians to benefit in many positive ways. Inspirational art brings parents the opportunity to teach values to their children as humans are visually oriented beings, for example. Later in his aforementioned book, Steve DeWitt also posits: “We need a clear understanding of the supreme beauty and desirability of God so that we can delight in all created beauty for what it is—reflection and metaphor.”

Inspirational art is available in many forms including our collection of journals, cards, and stationery - all great tools for connection, introspection, reflection, prayer, and encouragement.  (Artisan-crafted note card with Cross bookmark shown below)


Through such introspection, one could explore their understanding of God’s reflection and metaphor, such as light for instance. Light is often something explored greatly in Christian art. Think of Thomas Kinkaid, for instance, renowned for his use of light. Even Akiane Kramarik used the metaphor in her works. Light reminds us that God has no hidden motives or agendas; light is all that is good and holy.

There is huge value in visual prayer, which is what both Christian art and journaling is about. Both writing and art can help expand and alter your consciousness, bringing about a deep and resonant peace. It helps to block out the noise of the world and enter God’s sanctuary and love.

Art is the one way possible of speaking the truth.” — Robert Browning, poet

Just as creating art is therapeutic, so is viewing a beautiful picture. Imagine the possibilities that become available simply displaying “Prince of Peace” in your home. Start uplifting conversations, share Jesus with others – without even saying a word – grace your home and family with the peace, love, and light of Jesus through this amazing portrait of Jesus Christ given to us by the Holy Father through child prodigy and artist Akiane Kramarik.

jesus art shop prince of peace by akiane kramarik heaven is for real picture of Jesus





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