Akiane Kramarik: A Miracle In Today's World

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Artwork has been a part of the Christian faith ever since Jesus walked the earth. It is truly one of the most overlooked miracles of theology. When an individual creates or purchases a painting that speaks to them, they have a physical representation of their inner feelings, of their faith, and as such it is allowed to grow and prosper. Although this can be true of any Christian artwork, we are blessed today to have an artist who has a very deep and personal connection with God and Jesus, and she has been endowed with an unparalleled artistic skill in order to convey to the human race that there is in fact beauty and paradise for those who believe. I am speaking about Akiane Kramarik.

Who is Akiane you may ask? Akiane is an artist who creates beautiful religious artwork. Her style is easily distinguished from other artists because of its unique character, and the unspeakable grace behind it. Nevertheless, it is not her artwork alone that has made her renowned in the world, but the way in which she rose to prominence. She was born in Illinois to an American father and Lithuanian mother. Both of her parents were atheists and never spoke about any kind of religion in their household.

Their indifference to faith of any kind is unfortunately characteristic of many people in the modern world, but this all changed when Akiane claimed she had been divinely gifted with her artistic capabilities and visions at the age of four. At one point in her life, Akiane went missing for hours to the dismay and worry of her parents, but on returning she said she had seen heaven and spent time with God. Akiane drew since the age of four, started painting when she was six, and wrote poetry from seven onward. Still, her first masterpiece, and quite possibly her parents' religious renewal, occurred at the age of eight. Akiane knew in her heart that she had to paint a portrait of Jesus, but she could not find the proper model. Her parents were supportive and took her to many locations that were filled with people she could paint, but no one was quite right. That said, the power of prayer saved her. One day a man came to Akiane's door and told her God had sent him a message that she was waiting for him. He was a carpenter and interestingly enough, he had to shave his beard in a few days for his job! Akiane painted him and this portrait of Jesus remains one of the most breathtaking images of Jesus ever painted.

If you think Akiane's story is inspirational and faith renewing, you are not the only one. Akiane has met prominent individuals like Oprah Winfrey, the cast of CNN, and Craig Ferguson, all of whom affirm her great gift. For a long time, Akiane's work was only available for viewership online, but now there is an unprecedented opportunity to purchase a replication of her most notable work at art-soulworks.com. Akiane's work is available in painting form or as greeting cards, bookmarks, and wallet cards, so that her faith affirming work is a constant presence in your life. Carol Corneliuson, the owner of art-soulworks.com is closely connected to the Kramarik family, making her a trusted seller of this great artist's work, including the three prominent pieces 'Jesus Prince of Peace,' 'Father Forgive,' and 'A Mother's Love.' If you would like a little piece of a Akiane's miracle in your own home, then purchase a Akiane's artwork today on our website.

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