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If you're looking for Christian artwork and you want a quality product on your walls, then you need to know what Christian art truly means. The Christian artwork that you choose does not have to be mass-produced, or include Jesus or an angel in order for it to inspire you. The right Christian artwork is one that speaks to you no matter what the imagery. Some of the most inspiring paintings ever made are of outer space and the universe, sandy beaches and tall, majestic mountains.

The Christian artwork you buy should have a purpose for you: something that creates a more intimate relationship with the Lord. When you choose artwork to display at your home or office, you are reflecting your creativity and your own unique personality. Grow closer in your walk today with the Lord and learn about the artist Akiane and her artwork.

A Little Bit of History

400 years after Christ, the Roman Emperor Constantine adopted Christianity as Rome's official religion, though one of the strongest periods of Christian art was the Medieval Period. This is due to the power of the Church in that period of our civilization over our cultural endeavours. Artists did not have the freedom they needed due to the overpowering effect of the Church or Islam. Early Christians used catacombs for worship purposes, and they used symbols such as grapes, lamb, fish, the cross and so on.

One of the most important things to bear in mind here is that early Christian art aimed to create delight for the viewer. They loved to decorate the walls of these catacombs with mosaics and frescoes with some scenes of the life of Christ when he lived on Earth. They also painted saints with halos about their heads, and images taken from ancient biblical stories. Christian art developed quickly thanks to their liberation from those catacombs.

The Byzantine art ended with the fall of Constantinople. However, Russia up until this day is now the leading center of production of the Orthodox art today. This type of art is hasn’t changed much since its early days in terms of style and subject. The secular works on Christian art were numerous in the Renaissance, however, the aristocracy and the Church were the most important commissioners of this type of sacred art. The Reformation produced half of the Christian art during this period. The Counter-Reformation increased the production of Christian art in Catholic countries, however the hierarchy of the Church brought Christian art under much more control than before to face the Reformation.

We have seen a rebirth of Christian art in the 21st century. Many Christian artists are using themes of God, Christ, the Bible and the Church in their works again in order to bring viewers closer to God within their artwork. You might have many questions in your mind about Christian art. Please give us a call today in order to learn more about the types of Christian artwork we have available for you.


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