Art Education in Christian Schools is of Vital Importance

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Children Need Artistic Development Today More Than Ever

Every child deserves a chance to learn about the power of art. While seeing beautiful illustrations in a Bible storybook will often spark an interest in creativity, this initial interest must be followed up with classes and formal instruction in the topic. Both home-schooling parents and Christian academy leaders must focus on comprehensive art history. There is no substitute for hands-on experience to give students a full education. Children that study the arts develop essential skills. There is more than enough historical as well as contemporary Christian art to use to learn different styles and techniques through illustration.

Students In Art Class

Skills Offered by Exposure to Art

Even the most rational and logical individual can still appreciate the emotion and beauty behind a well-executed painting or song. There's no need to be a creative person or to have any artistic skills to enjoy artistry. Everyone can develop better awareness skills and new ways of looking at the world around them by learning about artistic principles, according to Edutopia. Research has shown that students that study the arts are more engaged with their community, work harder at their studies and have a deeper emotional development track than their peers. This can translate to more dedicated believers of Christianity as well, especially if the art education focuses on inspirational works. Many parents and church directors have noticed this when they add a choral group or an artists' group to their weekly worship schedule.

Enjoying the Beauty of God Through Art

There are thousands of breathtaking works by master artists illustrating Biblical scenes or just showing the artist's love for Jesus. Examining the breadth and scope of Christian art is a fabulous way to learn about the forces that shape modern Western artwork. Christians began painting scenes exploring their faith in the beginning of the Dark Ages and the quality of work has only increased since then. Looking at artwork made by people who lived hundreds of years ago helps students engage with the idea of history, according to Edutopia. It is a brilliant way to take a break from long, dry texts that can be a little overwhelming for students that are not the biggest fans of reading. Sprinkling in images that illustrate the scenes also makes it easier for people of all ages to get a deeper understanding of the Bible and its stories. Even adults need ongoing exposure to inspiring art.

Affordable Education in Classical Arts

Many parents worry that a comprehensive art education requires expensive classes or tutoring. However, home-schoolers can teach their children valuable skills with the power of the Internet. Sharing Christian artwork with your children and having a straightforward discussion is the easiest way to give them a full awareness of creative expression. There are also affordable curriculum programs that help round out their knowledge with examples from each time-period. You don't have to purchase secular art curriculum programs when there are so many Christian themed packages available. The books include projects that are easy to teach even if you have no artistic skills yourself. You may be surprised to find that your child is surprisingly gifted.

Pursuing a Higher Purpose for Your Child

If you have a teenager that has plenty of artistic skill, consider sending them to a Christian college or university with an art program. Both Gordon College and Huntington University offer comprehensive art major, tracks mixed with a strong religious focus. Your student will be able to deepen their relationship with God and make friends that share their interests in art. Many other colleges are available that are accredited, and can help your young artist get off to a great start.

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