How Did Akiane Developed Her Unique Talents So Quickly?

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Artist, Poet, Musician Akiane Kramarik Never Ceases to Amaze and Inspire

Most artists spend decades developing their skills and their own sense of style that helps them stand out from others. However, others seem to have been born with some kind of amazing artistic vision and talent. Wolfgang Mozart is a great example of this phenomenon. He was already composing his own original works at age five when he was recognized by royalty and elected as the court musician for Salzburg by age 17. Akiane Kramarik is similar to Mozart in many ways, but her talents and abilities manifested themselves in a slightly different way.

Inspired By Faith

Who is Akiane Kramarik?

The world of modern Christian art was shocked and surprised when the first images of Akiane Kramarik's works started to circulate. Her work was discovered by many people when she completed the five-foot tall masterpiece entitled "Prince of Peace." However, this was far from her first experience with creating moving works of art. Her talents had started to appear years before anyone outside of her family and friends knew her name.

Akiane Kramarik was born in 1994 in a small cabin set on farmland just outside of Chicago, Illinois. The Washington Times reports that her parents, Forelli and Mark were living a simple life in a rural setting when she emerged into the world with a water birth at home. Her Lithuanian mother and Chicago father didn't live an isolated life for religious reasons; in fact, they were serious atheists at that point in their life. However, Akiane Kramarik's remarkable development caused them to convert a few years after she started to talk about her visions from God.

Divine Inspiration Endowed Within Akiane Kramarik

The young girl was friendly and outgoing, but she started to talk about unusual visions and dreams of religious figures at the tender age of four. Her mother recorded pages and pages of her vivid and visual descriptions of scenes in Heaven, time spent talking with Jesus and other Christian ideas. The girl has been home-schooled all of her life. At the time when her visions began, she had very little contact with Christian ideas or imagery. This shocked and surprised her parents. Her words were quickly followed by drawings as she picked up crayons and pencils.

Mastery of the Canvas Comes to the Truly Ordained

Most children slowly improve their artistic skills over the years, developing basic skills like spatial perception and depth of scenery. Akiane Kramarik showed remarkable progress from age four to eight. In just four years, she started painting on canvas with acrylics and oils. The Washington Times says that she has completed over 250 paintings at her current age of 17. Dozens of these paintings came from an eight or nine year old painter but are still considered worthy of the largest Christian art collections. The original of "Prince of Peace" even sold for $10,000 despite Akiane Kramarik having virtually no reputation or media coverage from the world at large. She has been rising before dawn since age nine and spends well over 100 hours on many paintings. On top of her prolific production of paintings, she has also found time to study Lithuanian, Russian and sign language.

Reaching Across Borders; Faith In Hand

Her artwork has become highly popular with collectors and believers alike because her images do not feature the iconography of any specific branch of Christianity. Her Catholic father can find her images of Heaven and Jesus as inspiring as any Protestant or Methodist customer. This is a marked difference from many other classic and modern artists working through inspiration from the Bible. Akiane Kramarik draws inspiration from her direct visions, says TheWashington Times, which has provided her with a unique artistic style that stands out.

Poetry, Acrylics, Oils, Music. Akiane Kramarik is Unstoppable

This dedicated artist isn't stopping with acrylic and oil painting. She began writing inspired poetry at the age of seven. Her poems have proven as exciting and moving as her paintings to many religious individuals. She has also recently started studying music, primarily the piano and wants to bring her visions to life through new formats.

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