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Begin Investing in Christian Fine Art

Options abound for investing extra money and provide you with a future income to supplement your retirement. Purchasing collectible items like artwork could help you decorate your home while increasing the overall value of your portfolio. There's no need to buy modern art that you find unattractive or boring. There is plenty of affordable Christian art, and it is becoming more collectible by the day. Start collecting a few pieces that you personally enjoy and then expand your investments as you find new and emerging artists that no one has discovered yet.

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Start Early - Lock in Art at Its Lowest Investment Cost

The Bad At Sports Art Collecting Blog recommends that people who are in their mid-twenties should start collecting art. If you have already passed this marker, consider starting as soon as possible. Individuals with any amount of disposable income can begin to invest in great works of art. There's no need to wait until you have reached the top of the career ladder to decorate your walls with inspiring beauty. A portrait of your favorite Biblical figure could add a touch of reverence to your entryway without costing you more than a night on the town.

Consider Canvas Prints as a High Quality Alternative

If you don't have a lot of money to invest for now, start by purchasing high quality canvas prints. These works are recreated from high definition scans of the original piece. Professional printers use archival inks to produce a beautiful copy with all of the depth and richness of an oil composition or a watercolor piece. Business Insider says that these prints can still become very valuable if they are signed by the artist. Limited editions are particularly prime for collectors. Investing in a framed print will allow you to protect the piece during shipping.

Go With New – Discover Artists Before Everyone Else

Look for artists that aren't particularly well known or popular yet when hunting for bargains that will grow in value over the years. Art Adviser recommends going to gallery openings for new Christian artists. The galleries that specialize in religious art will be able to provide you with a calendar of first and second shows for the year. It's easy to snap up a few small pieces when the artist is charging very little for their work. If you cultivate a good eye for composition and style, you should be able to find at least a few emerging artists that go on to be very successful.

Visit Studios and Meet the Artists Yourself

Studios tend to be the best source for Christian art that will function as worthwhile investments. People in the industry have already screened the art that appears on the walls of a studio. A studio curator won't agree to show a work that it doesn't intend to sell. This can indicate that an artist is likely to become popular among collectors when they achieve greater visibility. However, you will still need to research the team behind the gallery before trusting their judgment. Search for galleries that are known for picking emerging artists from the beginning. You can view their offerings online and place bids without visiting in person but only if they are a reputable source for artwork.

Studio visits are part of the practice of most artists. They enable the viewer to get a behind-the-scenes look at what artists do on a day-to-day basis. A positive studio experience generates a uniquely intimate dialogue. If it goes well, you might offer the artist a show, buy a piece, or, most significantly, provide critical feedback.According to Jay Batlle in his article, Studio Etiquette on www.papermonument.com.

Search for Artists – Use Lesser Known Resources

The Internet is also a great source for Christian art that no one has found yet. Business Insider recommends visiting websites like Art.sy and Artnet to research prices and popularity of individuals selling their work on their own. There are a few issues that come with shopping online for artwork. Poor quality photos can make a beautiful piece seem unattractive, but it may also lead you to buy something you find unappealing in person. Try to get large, high definition photos of the original before purchasing, even if you are only investing in a print.

Do Your Research and Your Hard Work will Reward You

When you are ready to start sinking a few hundred or thousand dollars into a single piece of work, develop some good research skills. Searching for the current resale value of a piece will help you decide if it is worth adding to your collection. You should also invest in an affordable report from an art collecting service to measure the projected growth in popularity of a piece. However, if you feel drawn to a painting or sculpture, don't be afraid to splurge on it, if you can afford it. A beautiful and inspiring addition to your home will still improve the overall quality of your life, even if it doesn't pan out to be a profitable purchase.

In a recent interview with superstar artist Matt Leblanc, he talks about how he spent a fair amount of time researching his market to find out what kind of art was out there, who was doing it, how much they were charging, and how much they were selling. Article, How To Research Your Online Art Market posted on www.theabundantartist.com.

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