Seven Christian Gift Ideas for the Truly Devoted

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Gifts Christians Will Love

A true believer needs little more than a copy of the Bible to feel secure in their faith. There are a few accessories that can help seekers deepen their understanding of the gospel and develop better daily faith-habits. Christian gift ideas that reflect the beliefs of the recipient is a good way to show that you care about a person. Try any of these seven gifts to find something that fits your relationship and budget.

1. Worship Music

If your friend or family member is as passionate about music as they are about Jesus, a worship CD could be the perfect gift. reports that there are releases from every major musical style, so everyone can enjoy catchy tunes with uplifting and positive messages. These gifts often work well for younger believers that need support in sticking with their faith, especially when their peers are experimenting with harmful substances.

2. Faith-Related Clothing

A shirt making a statement about your faith is a quick way to meet new friends. Your gift recipient will love a chance to share their beliefs without saying a word to the people they pass on the street. Many shirts are designed specifically as “witness wear” to help you spread awareness without being intrusive.

3. Inspirational Artwork

An original work of art depicting an important Biblical story is a big investment, but it shows your family member exactly how you feel. High quality canvas prints from artists like Akiane are more affordable options that still capture the inspiration of beautiful religious artwork.

4. Magazine Subscriptions

While many secular magazines are going out of business, the Christian publishing industry remains strong. There are dozens of options from which to choose. You could get a subscription to a different magazine for each family member that attends church on a regular basis. Christian Gravy recommends Christianity Today for a traditional Baptist or Guidepost for people who enjoy daily affirmations. A subscription reminds your gift recipient of your thoughtfulness every time a new issue is delivered to their doorstep.

5. Religious Figurines

If you need a gift for someone who prefers statues to paintings, a sweet angel figurine could help them decorate the mantel in an affirming way. Religious statues can be found depicting nearly every major Bible figure, angels, cherubs and stylized crosses.

6. Calendars

You don’t have to settle for cute puppies and kittens when buying calendars as gifts. A complete Bible course day planner allows the recipient to track appointments and write down important reminders when enjoying a relevant and inspiring quote.

7. Audio Bible

Listening to the ‘good book’ during a commute or lunch break is an easy way to stay centered and focused throughout the day. Purchase a digital file and have it delivered right to your family member for uploading on an MP3 player, or go the old-fashioned route and send them a set of CDs.

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