Now Revealed - The Little Lithuanian Girl Painting Jesus as Seen in Heaven Is For Real

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prince of peace canvas art, the official source for the image of Jesus as seen in Heaven is for Real, now reveals what people want to know about the little Lithuanian girl painting Jesus, the name of her artwork and the connection between her and Colton Burpo, the child star of the movie.

Denver, Co – May 6, 2014 - Shocking some movie reviewers, Heaven Is For Real the movie has become an instant box office hit. Released on April 16th, 2014, and patterned after the New York Times best-selling book, the film has spurred the curiosity of moviegoers who now want to know the back-story of a 4-year old boy and his vision of a light-eyed Jesus. Just who is the little girl who painted Jesus, what is the name or her God inspired painting and what is her relationship to Colton Burpo, the little boy who went to heaven and the star of the movie.

The film’s co-producer from Dallas megachurch, Pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes, said he wants the film to prompt people “to explore the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ,” especially since the film was released during Holy Week and Easter.

Art & SoulWorks, the licensors, and, the official source for the image of Jesus as seen in Heaven is for Real, has known for a decade what many are now asking:

  • Just who is the little Lithuanian girl painting Jesus portrayed the movie?
  • What is the story and name of her featured Jesus painting in the movie?
  • What is the connection between the little girl and Colton Burpo from Heaven is for Real?

Art & SoulWorks now reveals what people want to know about the little Lithuanian girl. Although never named in the movie other than by the name Lithuanian girl, the movie opens and ends with the portrayal of the famed child artist, Akiane Kramarik, painting her vision of Jesus seen at age 4. Both in reality and in the movie Heaven is for Real, this is the only image of Jesus that the little boy Colton identifies with, as the face of Jesus that he saw while he was in heaven. This same image is seen right toward the end of the movie on Todd Burpo’s (Colton’s dad) laptop. It was this image Jesus that prompted Todd Burpo to call Akiane Kramarik’s parents for permission to include “Prince of Peace” in the bestselling book series “Heaven is for Real” years before it was published.

Akiane Kramarik was born July 9, 1994, in Mount Morris, Illinois to a Lithuanian mother and American father – both atheists! Mysteriously, at age 4 Akiane (ahh-key-anna) Kramarikstarted to seeing visions of God, Jesus, and heaven – these vision were so beautiful that Akiane Kramarik was compelled to express what she was experiencing – first in pencil drawings – then pastels. By the age of 6, Akaine began painting in acrylics, then oil. To date, she has completed over 200 published art pieces, 800 literary creations and published two best-selling books. Akiane Kramarik is thought to be the only binary genius in both realistic art and poetry in the world. Throughout her childhood, Akiane Kramarik has appeared on many television shows for her amazing artistic talent, including CNN and a guest appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show.

The name of Akiane Kramarik’s now famous portrait of Jesus - although never mentioned in the movie - is titled “Prince of Peace”. To see the image, visit this link where it can also view a short video of Akaine painting Jesus, Prince of Peace at age 8.

There are additional similarities audiences should know about these two children portrayed in the movie. Although ages and continents apart, both Colton and Akiane Kramarik made trips to heaven at the age of 4, Akiane Kramarik's painting “Prince of Peace” is the only picture of Jesus that Colton identifies as the face of Jesus Christ. Akiane Kramarik's painting of Jesus' and in particular His eye color matches the color of the eyes of Jesus described by Colton as first noted in his account shared with his father, Todd. Adding further validation to Colton's heavenly encounter, Akiane Kramarik's God inspired painting Jesus Prince of Peace, as noted by "Shroud" experts, bears a remarkable resemblance to the image captured on the "Shroud of Turin."

These facts are only the beginning of where the similarities and connection between Colton and Akiane Kramarik exist. Both:

  • Were age 4 when they first had heavenly experiences.
  • Agree on the existence of an after-life.
  • Agree on the existence of God, Jesus, and Heaven.
  • Have a deep and abiding faith in God and Jesus.
  • Encourage others to explore and pursue a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Met in 2012 for the first time on the Katie Couric show.
  • Have more to share, but are waiting on God’s perfect timing.

A spokesperson for says, “Since the movie Heaven is for Real was released, movie-goers are very inspired and want to acquire copies of Akiane Kramarik’s portrait of Jesus seen on Todd Burpo’s laptop from the movie. We are not only seeing orders for one print, but we are seeing orders for multiple prints and canvases for Akiane Kramarik’s paintings. Art & SoulWorks inspirational gift featuring Akiane Kramarik’s art are a wonderful way to share inspiration following the movie and an especially effective way to share a person’s faith through art – after all – a picture speaks 1,000 words!

About offers the paintings from the now famed Lithuanian Girl, Akiane Kramarik. Her painting Jesus Prince of Peace is the image of Jesus that Colton Burpo, the boy in the movie in Heaven is for Real identifies with as the face of Jesus. To learn more visit,

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  • I beleve in jesus with all my heart and soul l am a believer in what the paintings are. The true jesus

    Cheryl Andros on

  • God has seen the fear in mankind and is offering us, His children, this beautiful consolation as we journey to Heaven. I am so encouraged and blessed. Thank you, Sweet Jesus, and keep these children, Akiana and Colton, protected, loved and forever in Your care. Let us all never stop giving Him praise. Amen !

    Alice McKeever on

  • I sit here on my sofa unable to find the words to describe how GOD’S LOVE has changed me!! THANK YOU JESUS FOR NEVER LEAVING ME NO MATTER WHAT I DID TO PUSH YOU AWAY!!!!!!

    Marti Korbe on

  • I have been looking also and you have painted my Christ! I feel blessed knowing HE gave you the gift of art to show us HIS real features as my Loving Lord! Thank you sweetheart! When I can afford one, I will definitely purchase one. Hugs and Love from a sister in faith.???

    Tracey Cobb on

  • Heaven is real i believe

    Sebastian Odhiambo Omondi on

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