International Beloved Child Prodigy Artist, Akiane Kramarik, Reveals Her Future Plans

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About Akiane Kramarik:

Since the age of four, Akiane Kramarik has been expressing her creativity and passion through the Arts. Although she is self-taught and not formally trained in academia, Akiane has proven time and time again she is an artist and a poet of much success. Akiane has been featured in over 100 international television shows and documentaries, despite her young age. Akaine is also the best-selling author of two books. Akiane: her life, her art, her poetry, and Akane: My Dream is Bigger Than I. Now that Akiane is reaching adulthood, after being so well known as a child prodigy, she reveals her next big step and new milestones for her future.

When asked in a recent interview with L. Davonne Irion what she feels the next ten years will hold for her, Akiane responded with unexpected insight.

“The next ten years will be expanding my spectrum as an artist and creating Art Academia’s, which will allow students to participate in the arts, develop their talents, think beyond expectations, rules and theories,” states Akiane.

Akiane’s desire to teach is an extension of her Lithuanian family heritage. Akiane’s Grandfather, Vladislovas, was a poet, movie & theater director and teacher – her mother, Foreli, received her teaching degree in Lithuania - together Vladislovas and his daughter Foreli opened up a small family school teaching drama.

Inspired by her grandfather and mother’s methods of teaching, Akiane dreams of modeling her school from the same exceptionally creatively free approach she has known all her life. Integrated programs that are planned to be implemented include genius detection and cultivation, enjoyable and creative education, experiential learning, integration of nature and city-life, transparency of activities and parental involvement, cooperative learning, spiritual freedom, political and socio-economic freedom, and dietary freedom, along with a universal code of ethics.

Akiane was homeschooled, so she fully understands the benefits of self-discipline and hard work. Akiane has experienced first-hand the value of being allowed to explore her full creative potential outside of the traditional school system, which can often stymie a child’s creative expression, cause distractions and prevent individuals who are extremely creative from fully expressing themselves in the manner in which they are wired and uniquely created. The school will be designed for students to explore who they are and what they can truly become by lifting the creative restrictions placed on students in an institutional school environment.

With over 200 published artworks, 800 literary creations and two best-selling books, Akiane is aptly qualified and positioned to take this next step into academia and give back to others like herself who are waiting to be discovered and whose artistic talents are ready to be enjoyed by the world.

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  • Akianes brilliant ideas about teaching are similar to Rudolf Steiners Anthroposophical Society. I worked as an English Language teacher for many years. But I needed the teachings of Christianity combined with Theravada Buddhism to keep me going!

    John Stephen Burdett on

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