When Oprah Asked Akiane Where Her Talent Originated, Her Answered Endeared Her To The World

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UPDATE: Akiane Kramarik will be appearing on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network's Where Are They Now for a catch-up interview! The episode begins Saturday, October 8th at 10 PM Central.

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Oprah Where Are They Now

Akiane Kramarik is a young artist who has amazed the world with her talent and painting for nearly a decade. What is most staggering, though, is that she started painting when she was just four years old. By the time she was six, Akiane Kramarik’s paintings were extremely complex.

'Waiting' by Akiane at age 6

Without knowing her remarkable story, anyone would believe that an artist with a vast amount of experience and years of practice, and not a young child, had painted these works. Akiane Kramarik’s artwork is incredible, and her original paintings of Jesus are worth a great deal – even Akiane Kramarik’s signed and numbered limited-edition reproductions have appreciated in value by about 10% year after year.

Akiane Kramarik Invited Onto Oprah’s Show

Akiane at age nineOprah invited Akiane Kramarik onto her show when Akiane Kramarik was only nine years old. The world was curious about this little girl who showed such amazing talent. Because she was considered both an art prodigy and genius, she was invited to media interviews where she would present her remarkable paintings and her unusual story to the world. People were amazed to learn that her parents were not artists, nor did they take Akiane Kramarik to art classes. They didn’t have the money for them. The little girl spontaneously began to draw on everything at age four when she first began having experiences of God and Heaven. There was no time or need for art lessons!

Akiane Kramarik’s Oprah Interview

When Akiane Kramarik was asked by Oprah where her talent originated from,
how did you think Akiane Kramarik answered? Watch this video to find out.
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Oprah's Question To Akiane Kramarik

Akiane on Oprah with her self portraitAfter Akiane Kramarik revealed the story behind four paintings she completed at age eight, Oprah asked where she believed her talent had come from. Her answer was clear and without hesitation:“It came from God.” Her answer has unusually deep meaning, considering that she was raised in an atheist family. Neither God, nor the teachings of Jesus had been introduced to Akiane Kramarik by her parents. Nor had she ever been to church.

Although Unchurched, Akiane Kramarik’s Heavenly Visions Lead to Paintings of Jesus, Heaven, and Cosmos

'Gracefulness' by Akiane age 5Akiane Kramarik says the revelations given to her by God, together with her talent, helped her to create her wonderful paintings of Jesus, Heaven, and the cosmos. Akiane Kramarik often shares with others that anyone with amazing talent is also gifted by God to bring light and love to the world.

Akiane Kramarik has shown through her paintings that she knows what Jesus looks like, even though she has never heard a story about Him.
She also knows about Heaven, although no one has told her about it.

Akiane Kramarik’s gift even caused her parents to abandon their atheist beliefs and turn to God to understand that life-after-death is true (as later confirmed by Colton Burpo in the book Heaven is for Real).

The undeniable work of God, acting through these children, hold heavenly messages worthy of consideration by all.

God shows us, once again, that He can communicate with us through the work of His chosen people and bring inspiration and love to the world.

If you have never seen this child’s work, be prepared for a surprise. Her art is much different from the contemporary and abstractartwork we are used to today. Led by heavenly visions and inspirations, she paints what she feels and turns it into reality-reflecting masterpieces. Most of Akiane Kramarik's paintings are extremely realistic allegories that contain deep and hidden spiritual messages from Above.

Not Certain About God Or A Supreme Force Governing The World?

Akiane at age 4Consider this: an agnostic father and an atheist mother from Lithuania raise a little girl. God and religion are never discussed in their home. At the age four, Akiane Kramarik begins talking about Heaven, Angels, God and Jesus, as she shares more and more of what she sees with her family daily. By age six, Akiane Kramarik knows she MUST paint Jesus and is given pencils, pastels, paints and paper. Now she is up at 3 a.m. daily to pray, draw and paint. By age eight, she has completed her first oil painting, the portrait of Jesus, her Savior. By age 10, the child prodigy is on radio and TV, telling the world about her family’s conversion to Christianity and the mission that God has given her. Akiane Kramarik says:

“If I have been gifted by God, and I have been, it is for one reason and one reason only – to help others.”

Art & SoulWorks Shares Akiane Kramarik’s Heart

With the common purpose of helping others, Art & SoulWorks has been working hand-in-hand with Akiane Kramarik and family for a decade.

Akiane with her painting of the 'Prince of Peace'

Our mission is to be an example of God's love and abundance by providing gifts designed to inspire, educate and promote wholesome values and ideas to individuals and families globally by sharing Jesus “Prince of Peace” with as many people as possible. We do this through “retail outreach” designed to raise money for and awareness of Jesus “Prince Of Peace”. This includes our complimentary downloads of Jesus at www.Art-SoulWorks.com and the beautifully inspirational Jesus Prince of Peace Facebook page.

10 - 20% of proceeds from all of Akiane’s art sales are donated to organizations and causes that help others in need. These charitable donations are made possible by Jesus and Akiane Kramarik’s friends who choose to shop with Art & SoulWorks - Gifts that Give Back.

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  • The reality of the Kingdom of Heaven exists, and it presented to us personally. If we seek the Word of God little by little, the presence of the Father will open. Akiane’s Jesus paintings are exceptionally crafted. And many more landscape paintings.

    Elliot K. Bryant on

  • This girl can paint! I believed in jesus, god and heaven before, but wow. Its just amazing!

    Laura Loos on

  • God definitely works in wonderful ways! I didn’t have a near death experience as Kathleen, but instead I have had revelations in my life. I have seen and been close to my Savior Jesus, a number of times in my life. Most recently in February of this year, He clearly revealed himself to me one Sunday in church. I saw him clear as day this time, and when I began to research Akianne’s Prince of Peace painting, I saw the striking similarities. She is spot on in her painting! I wish I had her talent, so as I could paint what God has shown me. But He allows me to testify for him, and that is special. If I ever get the chance to meet Akianne, maybe she could put on canvas the beauty I have seen! Thank you for your wonderful work Akianne!

    Michael Riddle on

  • When I first saw Akiane on Oprah and her painting “Prince of Peace” I wept and do evey time I view it. Like Colton Burpo, I had an NDE at age seven, in 1956, and this is “my Jesus” too! My NDE keeps on giving ? after all these years!

    Kathleen Sterling on

  • When I first saw Akiane on Oprah and her painting “Prince of Peace” I wept and do evey time I view it. Like Colton Burpo, I had an NDE at age seven, in 1956, and this is “my Jesus” too! My NDE keeps on giving ? after all these years!

    Kathleen Sterling on

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