Akiane’s Original Paintings Are Valued at $1 Million - But Not For Sale - According To The UK Daily Mail

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Although, not for sale, Akiane’s original Jesus paintings are considered global treasures and are now valued in the millions of dollars, according to the UK Daily Mail.

Akiane Christ Painting Revealed

Akiane, now 20 years of age, has utilized her God-given talents to paint over 200 art pieces and write 800 plus literary works, both of her books are best sellers. Her most noted painting – Jesus Prince of Peace - painted at age 8 was recently featured in the hit Christian film: “Heaven is For Real.”

You would be forgiven for presuming that these accomplishments belong to someone who has devoted decades of their life to their work. Far from it! A young woman, Akiane Kramarik, who is only 20 years old, has accomplished much success - yet more important to her than financial success is fulfilling her life’s mission. Akiane says, “If I have been gifted by God, and I have, it for one reason and one reason only - to help others”.

Akiane as a Young Artist
Akiane’s story is inspirational. She was born into poverty and grew up in what she terms a “dirty shack” in a small town in Illinois. Her family was so poor they could not afford a television or a radio, and their friends and relatives lived a long way off. Akiane remembers her mother going from door to door in their neighborhood introducing her, in an attempt to make friends, “but no one was welcoming of us.”

As a result, Akiane, her parents, and four brothers became a tightly knit family who spent a lot of time together. She began having dreams and visions when she was only three years old. As she tells it, the vivid images surprised her, but also gave her the urge to express them visually through her art. She began drawing on the walls and floor until her parents bought her a sketchpad and pencil. By the time she was seven, she had begun working with pastels on huge canvases that were bigger than her. Young as she was, she even began her routine of getting up at 3 AM so that she could work in the peaceful hours of the early morning – a routine she continues still to this day.

However, this was not a happy time for her or her family. Akiane was accused of being a fake, and when threats were made to burn her paintings, she began to doubt herself and her talents.

Akiane Kramarik Interview That Changed Her Life

Not long after this incident, she was invited to appear on the Oprah Winfrey show. At the time, her family had no television, so the little girl had no idea who Oprah was or how influential. Her television appearance, of course, turned out to be the pivotal point of Akiane’s artistic career, and she was thrust onto the International stage from that moment forward.

Watch Akiane’s Classic Interview with Oprah:

Kramarik Moves Family to the Gold Coast

Now just 20 years old, Akiane and her family have recently moved to the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia and have “completely fallen in love with its charm.”

Her future plans include opening up an art gallery and an International arts academy for aspiring artists.

“It's still in the planning process, but I'm really excited about giving back to the community, inspiring people and helping others find their talents,” she said.

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  • Akiane, your paintings are truly a gift from God. I have been painting for years and I was wondering if you had time to teach painting to others.

    Brian W. Steverson on

  • I think my little brother almost met you when you went to a social gathering at a ranch owned by our late grandfather Jirayr Zorthian. He was very upset about it. I find your work amazing and hope you get everything you want. Thank you

    Aaron on

  • I hope Akiane is able to help others with with her gifts. Jesus is who he says he is. So sad her parents dont believe, their daughter has experienced divine love and guidance. tAkiane can you donate some paintings to help more people

    Shona on

  • I have seen Jesus many time in dreams and person and believe me he doesn’t look like how Akiane Kramerik draws him, she is a Britney spears of paining, made up by Oprah to make profits for her. I doubt it if she even can drew or paint nerveless see vissions

    Mimi on

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