Is Heaven Real? Akiane Kramarik, Art Prodigy Says Yes, Heaven Is For Real!

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Is Heaven Real?  It's a Universal Question!  Well, according to Akiane, (Ahh-Key-Anna), it is!

Spiritual shockwaves have been felt across the world because of the lifelike paintings of Jesus and Heaven painted by Akiane Kramarik, a child art prodigy who tells us not only is Heaven real, but also that the resurrected Jesus resides there.

How does Akiane know so much about Heaven?

Where do her paintings of Heaven originate from?

It’s better to hear the story in the words of the little girl who knows Jesus and whose experiences have assured her that Heaven is for real. But before we do that ...

If a Picture is Worth 1,000 Words, then Akiane’s Art Speaks Volumes

Think about it - a little girl without formal art training can amaze people worldwide with profound art painted to reflect visions she began having at the age of four. Is that not enough to make you wonder whether God and Heaven are real?

What’s also intriguing is that at the time she began painting, Akiane had never heard of Jesus or attended church. Her father was agnostic and her mother an atheist. Neither parent ever spoke about God or Heaven at the dinner table, and there were certainly no bedtime prayers. Imagine her mother’s surprise when her four-year-old daughter told her that she had been with Jesus in heaven and had important “visions from Heaven" that she had to draw before they faded away.

Akiane Oprah Interview

When Oprah Winfrey asked Akiane where her painting talent and inspiration came from, Akiane answered without wavering: “From God.”

Years have passed since then. Akiane Kramarik is now 20 years old. She has matured into a graceful young artist and has created over 200 paintings. Her work has become more profound and complex over the years, often depicting allegories and hidden messages about time, life, people, nature, poverty, pain, and love. Yet none are more profound than Akiane’s amazing paintings about God, Jesus, angels, and Heaven.

Is Heaven Real? Where do Akiane’s Visions Originate?

Akiane Kramarik describes herself as a "visionary journalist" who reports what she observes in both the physical and non-physical worlds around her. Rather than pen and paper or computer, she reports to us using color and canvas! Akiane’s paintings are as precise as photographs. Her precision paintings have placed her among the top realistic painters in the world!

For more than a decade, Akiane has been recording her experiences from around the world and from around the universe. Akiane describes her access to the divine as "visions from Heaven.”

In an interview published in the Washington Times, Akiane said that “a vision is like an oasis in a desert. You can’t have it all the time, as you need to keep on continuing your journey through the desert of life experiences, full of faith trials … I am not so concerned about waiting for a vision to appear because I know it will come to me when I expect it least … I still do have visions that inspire my work.”

Akiane Speaks About Her Visions

Akiane also told the Times that she must paint what she sees in visions, which she says are much like dreams, soon after she experiences them or the vision will lose its clarity. When she gazes at a vision-inspired painting, such as “Prince of Peace,” she can clearly recall the vision, although she needs to look at the painting to bring it fully to her conscious mind.

In a CNN interview, when describing her “Father Forgive Them” painting, she said she envisions God as “a bow of light – really pure, really masculine, really strong and big … His [blue] eyes are just beautiful.” 

Because of her gifts from God, her meticulous nature and her acceptance of God’s mission for her life, we are able to glimpse Heaven through Akiane's paintings.

Akiane strives for excellence and accuracy when she paints. Here are a few examples:

  • In the Jesus painting entitled "Prince of Peace - the Resurrection Painting," eight-year-old Akiane pricked her little finger for a drop of blood, then asked her mother to go to the art store quickly before the color could change! She used wisps of her own baby fine hair to paint Jesus’s eyelashes.
  • Jesus’s hands in "Father Forgive Them" had to be painted and re-painted until Akiane felt they were strong enough to lift the whole world to God in the garden of Gethsemane and ask for forgiveness for all before Jesus was crucified.
  • Akiane has said her painting “Supreme Sanctuary” was the most difficult to complete because the intensity of the colors of Heaven is not available in our world.




Akiane is interested in minute detail, so when we see the heavenly gardens in "Supreme Sanctuary” or a teenaged Jesus talking with Father God in “Jesus, the Missing Years", we can know with confidence that, according to this gifted young artist, Jesus was resurrected and Heaven is for Real. 

Are Akiane’s encounters with Jesus and Heaven just coincidence?

Have others besides Akiane seen and experienced Jesus this way? Yes, of course!

In fact, Colton Burpo, whose story is featured in both the book and the movie Heaven Is For Real and who was a near-death survivor at age four, confirmed that Jesus looks like exactly as Akiane has depicted Him in her paintings.

What’s most striking about Akiane’s paintings is the tranquility and love that radiates from the canvas right into your soul. Some even call these special paintings anointed. They are beautiful, yet natural. They are practical, yet abstract in thought. They are simple yet complex, and something about those breathtaking paintings touches people all over the world. Often Akiane’s paintings tell of allegories bigger than life.

However, are the depictions of Heaven in the paintings for real? Let’s hear directly from the artist herself. Akiane says she has seen and experienced Heaven through revelations from God. Though her childhood experiences have faded, she is grateful to have been able to capture so many of them on canvas.

About Heaven, Akiane has said:

  • Her understanding of Heaven has expanded since she first encountered Heaven though visions and dreams
  • In Heaven, everything is simply beautiful and effortless
  • In Heaven, plants, animals, and all beings speak not through words, but through color, vibration, and thoughts.
  • In Heaven, colors are more intense, and many of them are not seen on Earth.
  • In Heaven, the music is more beautiful and nothing like music in our world.

About God and Jesus, Akiane has said:

  • My relationship with Jesus remains one of pure wonder, humbleness, and gratitude.
  • My personal views on Jesus have only matured and deepened since age four.
  • Only love can bring us closer to the God’s almighty truth, wisdom, and happiness.
  • Jesus is Love –He is the only way to God and the only way to Heaven and Joy.
  • I alone know how important Jesus is for me. Instead of writing, it is best for me to express my connection with him through my personal gift: Art.

Obviously, we are witnessing something truly miraculous through Akiane’s paintings. There’s no question that God is the divine source of Akiane’s inspiration.

We invite you to explore Akiane’s paintings and let us know… Do you believe Heaven is real? 

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