Akiane Kramarik: 7 Little Known Facts About This Child Prodigy

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Renowned the world over for her talents as a child prodigy, many know Akiane Kramarik’s story of how God came to her through visions and dreams, inspiring her spiritual paintings and poetry. However, what about some lesser known details and tidbits of her life?

Keep reading to find out more about Lithuanian-American artist and poet, Akiane Kramarik, and how much her life has changed.

Prince of Peace, Akiane Kramarik’s painting of Jesus was featured in both theHeaven is for Real movie and book

In 2003, Colton Burpo had a near-death experience that resulted in his visit to Heaven, which is described in his father’s NYT’s best-selling book, Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back (Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2006).

After his experience, Colton spent years trying to find the real face of Jesus he’d seen in Heaven. After a fruitless search, his father stumbled upon “Prince of Peace” whilst watching a video about Akiane Kramarik on the Internet. After showing it to his son, Colton told his father it was the most accurate representation of the face of Jesus he’d seen in Heaven. The fact both children saw the same face in at the same age is astounding and awe-inspiring, and further adds weight to the claims of “Prince of Peace” being the real face of Jesus.

“Father Forgive Them” Akiane Kramarik's painting of Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane is featured on the cover of her biography, Akiane: Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry

Her biography, Akiane: Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry (Thomas Nelson), was released in 2006 and the cover art for this book consists of a ten-year-old Akiane Kramarik sitting in front of her painting “Father Forgive Them.” In the original painting of “Father Forgive Them,” a beam of light extended from Jesus’ eyes as a visual representation for how Jesus and God communicate. However, since Akiane could not explain this light in limited earthly terms, she decided to paint over it.

Jesus “Prince of Peace” by Akiane Kramarik - The Hidden Meaning Revealed

The light side of his face represents the truth, the dark side represents suffering,” she noted in an interview with God Reports. The work took sixty hours from initial sketches to completed painting on canvas. Using her keen eye and artistic sensibilities, Akaine works with light and shadow to create compelling concepts. Akiane Kramarik met Colton Burpo for the first time when she appeared on The Katie Couric Show at age eighteen to discuss the Prince of Peace painting.

Many believe Akiane Kramarik’s painting to be the true picture of Jesus due to these connections not only to Colton Burpo’s own experience of Heaven but also its supernatural resemblance to the Shroud of Turin. Experts have compared her painting and the Shroud of Turin - their conclusion – an 80-90% match.

Akiane Kramarik & Family Moved to the Gold Coast of Australia in 2014

At the age of twenty, Akiane Kramarik and her family relocated to the Gold Coast of Queensland Australia where she still rises every day at 3 a.m. to paint, enjoying her proximity to the beach. Living in Australia and being a part of the Australian way of life had always been a dream of her parents’, since the day they were married.

In a radio interview with ABC Gold Coast 91.7, Akiane Kramarik explained how moving to Australia fulfilled their twenty-five-year-old family dream: “We grew up very different. Throughout my whole life, my parents, especially, were very, very nurturing. They were not the typical parents where they would just have expectations. They were very free, and they will allow us to develop on our own in our creative pathways. But unfortunately, at the time, we were very, very poor. And we literally lived in a shack …

It was in these austere conditions that her gifts began to blossom.

Akiane Kramarik Celebrates Her 21 Birthday

It has been over twelve years since Akiane Kramarik painted “Prince of Peace” and only nine since her rise to International fame. Since then her life has changed immensely. Akiane Kramarik has completed over two hundred artworks, eight hundred poems and aphorisms, has published two best-selling books and is currently working on a third.

She has been interviewed on numerous television and radio shows, such as: The Bible Network (TBN), Bobby Schuller’sHour of Power, ABC’s World News Tonight, Good Morning America, The Glenn Beck Show, The View, Fox News, ABC Gold Coast 97.1, The Montel Williams Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Late Show, and The Katie Couric Show.

Akiane Kramarik has ambitions to start her own art school

Akiane Kramarik’s future plans include opening up an art gallery and an International arts school for aspirant artists. “The next ten years will be expanding my spectrum as an artist and creating Art Academia’s, which will allow students to participate in the arts, develop their talents, think beyond expectations, rules, and theories,” Akiane Kramarik stated in an interview with L. Davonne Irion.

Akiane Kramarik describes her style of painting as Akianeism: Akiane says, “It's a blend of surrealism and realism. It has imagination into it and it has a different kind of universe to it. But I love bringing everything together. If it comes from the visions, the dreams, real life experiences, people, I love putting everything around this in one piece. And that's what I like to do.”

"The Power of Prayer" Painting by Akiane Kramarik Contains Allegories and Inspired Parables is dedicated to "Serious Prayers."

Most of Akiane Kramarik’s paintings are symbolic. Beyond the visual beauty, they also hold mysteries and deeper meanings designed for teaching and enlightenment. An interesting example is this painting titled “The Power of Prayer” painted at age 10 and was dedicated to all sincere prayers. Each component of the picture has a very specific meaning. Remember the “beam of light” we discussed in “Father Forgive Them” on the book cover? Is this another way to describe the focused beam of light that was painted over?

…The birds in this painting represent prayers. The power of prayer is direction, humbleness, sincerity, and faith. These birds just like the prayers seeking God are flying towards the light. Some birds are focused on their destination, some are distracted, others are playfully soaring, while still others are disappointed and returning back. Once in flight the birds will have to listen to God's quiet voice where to find him. If they are anxious and angry, they will crash against the steep mountains. If they lack faith, they will drown in the river. If they fly just for fun or vain curiosity, they will not hear the spiritual warnings and fly into each other. If they fly just to show off, they will be the first to burn up by the most intense God's energy. Unless they are humble and trusting, they will not be accepted by the light.

The force of the fastest and most dedicated prayers is melting the snow off the mountains and cliffs. The more prayers, the more power. The snow in this particular painting represents confusion, hardship, and unhappiness. Half of the ridges are almost free of snow, and as the birds come closer to the light, all of the landscape is becoming full of summer waterfalls and flowers. Akiane Kramarik – Age 10

Each Akiane Kramarik story about prayer, life, God or His heavenly mysteries are beautifully told – not with paper and pen - but with canvas and paint.

Visit Akiane Kramarik Art Gallery to explore more of Akiane Kramarik's paintings and discover hidden messages.

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  • Akiane is God’s gift to us and to the world, whether we accept it or not. I am in awe seeing her works: paintings and poems. Everything for the glory of God!
    Deeply grateful to Akiane for her faithfulness and dedication, her humility, her sincerity and her compassion… and her prayers, too!

    Amie O Alaysinta on

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