Inspired by God - Akiane Kramarik leads the Millennial Generation as Art Wunderkind

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Some artists are popular because of their name. Others are because of the quality of their work. The millennial generation’s most famous artist, Akiane Kramarik, is renowned the world over for both! Rising to fame at age 9 when her portrait of Jesus titled “Prince of Peace” took the world by storm on the Oprah show—beginning then Akiane Kramarik has stayed within society’s collective minds-eye as one of the world’s top living realistic artists.


Akiane Kramarik was born in 1994 and falls into the age group known, as the Millennials. The millennial generation is America’s largest age group and makeup about 25% of the population. Described by some as of unique, hard-working, and diverse youth, full of passion, promise and complexities. Wunderkind, Akiane Kramarik, also has many unique characteristics. She gets up most every day in the wee hours of the morning to paint and begins a long day of work toward fulfilling her mission and dreams. Akiane dreams, sharing love with the world through art, opening art schools and helping others less fortunate – it is obvious that Akiane Kramarik, and other millennial generation wunderkinds are productive and passionate. Inspired daily by the dream of fulfilling her mission - Akiane says, “I want my art to draw people’s attention to God.”

In describing the millennial generation, states, “The most marked characteristic of this group, if there is anything that might characterize the millennial generation - is their ability to be inspired. Their sharp awareness of what’s happening in the world, combined with the refreshing absence of previous baggage, allows them to be open to ideas that are progressive, meaningful and inspiring.”

Akiane: A Millennial Generation Art Prodigy Says her Talent is from God

Akiane Kramarik is considered to be the world’s youngest binary genius in both realist art and poetry. According to The Daily Mail in England, Akiane’s (original) paintings are valued at one million dollars (though most are no longer for sale). As such, Akiane is a leader in the realist art arena amongst the millennial wunderkinds. In fact, The Inquisitr recently named Akiane Kramarik among names like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Pablo Picasso in terms of popularity and renown. With over two hundred artworks and eight hundred literary works to her credit, Akiane is paving the way for artists such as Australian painter Aelita Andre, who began painting when she was merely nine months old. Aelita is currently at age nine and is known for her surrealist painting style of the cosmos.

Other talented artists of the millennial generation include: Max Brand, a Berlin-based artist and musician; Li Lao, a thirty-three year old conceptual artist; Aleksander Hardashnakov, a Canadian-born self-taught artist who owns Tomorrow Gallery in Toronto; Yngve Holen, a Berlin-based Norwegian artist; Piotr Lakomy, a minimalist steel works artist; Athena Papadopoulos, a Canadian-born, London-based artist; Nicolas Party, a Swiss artist working in funky and vibrant paintings; Magali Reus, an Amsterdam-born, London-based artist; Avery Singer, a Bronx-based artist; and Jesse Stecklow, Los Angeles-based.

I have been gifted by God for one reason – to help others “My Dream Is Bigger Than I”

However, unlike many artists within her millennial generation, Akiane Kramarik’s work is deeply inspired and gifted by God. Her work is full of symbolism, allegory, and metaphor—a visual treatise speaking on spirituality and God. Thousands around the globe view “Jesus Prince of Peace,” Akiane’s first masterpiece, as the real face of Jesus Christ. Experts tell us there us Akiane’s Prince of Peace painting has an 80-90% to the resemblance of the Shroud of Turin – the blood-stained fabric many believe to be the burial cloth of Jesus.


As well as being an artist and poet with talent comparable to Michelangelo and Pablo Picasso, Akiane Kramarik is sometimes referred to as mystic. Like Hildegard of Bingen and Teresa of Ávila Akiane also has had many visions of God – yet unlike these women Akiane expresses her visions best through art – then writing. Akiane has said,“

My relationship with Jesus
remains one of pure Wonder, Humbleness and Gratitude. 
I see how Vast and Unlimited His Love is. 
Jesus is Love
 He is the Only Way to God ~ the only way to Heaven and Joy
Only Love can bring us closer to God's Almighty Truth, Wisdom and Happiness
... about my faith
I alone know how important Jesus is for me ...
... instead of writing it is best for me to express
through my personal connection ~ Art.

The arts have always brought people and communities together to explore reality, creativity, and the power of personal expression in a way that writing on its own cannot.

We are visually oriented beings; it is our dominant sense. It makes sense that God would choose dreams and visions over anything else as a way to reach those who are spiritually open. Vision is the process of deriving meaning from what is or has been seen. Being able to express these vision on canvas is why great artists like Michelangelo, Pablo Picasso and Akiane Kramarik touch so many lives: art is open to such grand interpretation - paintings speak to different people in countless ways – each of us derives very personal meaning from what we see.

About Akiane’s heavenly visions she has stated that in heaven all beings including animals and plants communicate through color and vibrations rather than words. As such, painting is a natural medium for Akiane to capture what she experiences in her heavenly visits.

Even more important than their ability to be inspired is the capacity of the millennial generation wunderkinds to inspire others,” says website Inspiring others is what Akiane Kramarik does. She shines a light on the so-called malaise of the millennial twenty-somethings and invites others to delve into motivation and muse, saying, “I don’t wait for inspiration, inspiration waits for me.”

Akiane Kramarik has said many times that she believes that her gifting from God was given to inspire others and to help draw attention to God. We would love to hear your thoughts. How has Akiane’s story, art or poetry inspired you?

To explore more about Akiane check out her autobiography, “Akiane Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry” and her fascinating book of poetry titled “Akiane, My Dream is Bigger Than I.”

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