Akiane says" My connection to God reminds me of ......

Posted by Brian McCullough on

Many have asked Akiane what painting is like for her  - here's what she says: 

"Painting to me is like breathing. Sometimes I am out of breath.

Sometimes, I am laboring. Sometimes I do not even notice that 

I am breathing at all.

 At times I feel I am in a stuffy space, and other times I am on 

the ocean shore where air fills me up with rejuvenation, vitality 

and purity.

 Most often I feel I am in complete control 

but, paradoxically, as soon I think this way I lose that control 

and I have to start all over.

 I get humbled over and over, again and again.

My connection to God reminds me of the grandness of the 

infinity guiding me along the narrow path."  - Akiane




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