Easter Message .... Regarding the Crucifixion & Resurrection of Jesus ... Akiane says

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Regarding the Crucifixion & Resurrection of Jesus ... Akiane says

"in a deep and personal way as a nine-year-old I felt the need to paint the agony of crucifixion, and "Father Forgive them" became my own child-like way of expressing both pain and forgiveness."  

...when life lies down on the song of a bird ... my cross is nailed into me

This stanza is from Akiane's poem titled Ant Hill Ashes that was written to accompany the "Father Forgive Them" Jesus painting.  Ant Hill Ashes and many other poems and art prints are available in her first book and autobiography .  In fact the image you see here is used on the cover of the over-sized table-top book about Akiane, her life, art & poetry.

 "Let today be a reminder of what hope truly is."  

jesus prince of peace by akiane kramarik with promises of God scriptures from www.Art-SoulWorks.com

While there are many Jesus paintings, many believe that the Real Face of Jesus has been revealed in “Prince of Peace” by Akiane as reflected in her God-given visions.  Akiane is seen here with Jesus, Prince of Peace, also known as the Resurrection painting & the Heaven is for real face of Jesus. Read More
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Thank you for being a fan of Jesus and Akiane  We hope you are enjoying the blessings of this Holy season and invite you to click the image of Jesus to your left and download these promises of God.  May you be blessed and a blessing to others now and always ... the Akiane Art & SoulWorks Team - read more
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  • Hello!! :)
    Thank u for sharing your gift of art – truly a blessing. I believe God sends prophets in today’s world and Jesus Christ teachings are current to today’s world.
    It was nice to see a picture of Jesus and the boy in the There is a Heaven confirmed that was a picture of”him” to his father!! Pretty incredible!!! Prayers are powerful and thank u for the reminder! He is my friend also and grateful!

    Maria on

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