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Prince of Peace Poster with Akiane

Greetings! Check out July's gift and Akiane update and thank you for being a member of the Akiane Art & SoulWorks Community - We appreciate you! Scroll down to get your July gift Jesus Print / Calendar, see Akiane's latest paintings & read about what is new with Akiane. Be sure to let us know if you ever have any questions.

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Akiane Kramarik Now, New Art & Summer 2017 Update


Akiane Maui

 Until now, Akiane's last stay in the United States was in 2014 during the production of the Heaven is for Real movie that was produced by Sony. There were many, many details that revolved around her portrait of Jesus that needed to be worked out with Sony to get Prince of Peace to the big screen accurately - perhaps we'll share more of that story later. That was 3 years and a dozen countries ago.
Akiane and family have recently returned to the United States from a global tour that included, England, Switzerland, Canada, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Lithuania, Germany, France, Malta and Australia - and it was Australia, the mysterious "Land Down Under that stole her heart! Nearly 3 years ago Akiane was so inspired by this far away continent (which she called an artist's paradise) that she meet with the Australian Government officials to begin the long process of immigrating to Australia, a half a world away from her birthplace near Chicago.

Soon Akiane will be 23 - she tells us of an unexpected early birthday gift - a wish come true - an unexpected invitation to fly to Sydney, Australia to accept the Distinguished Talent Visa & Permanent Residency from the Government of Australia!! What an honor! Now Australia will become Akiane's second home, and we can expect to see more painting inspired by this far away continent!

In the meantime, Akiane, and family have settled in the heartland of America in the state of Illinois on a small farm where feeding the ducks and goats are an everyday experience. A lush natural setting where the sights, sounds, and inspiration of the changing seasons are beautifully recorded on canvas in her newest works of art. From the streets of Chicago to the rural meadows of Illinois, these paintings are rich in color, texture and, as always, are infused with other-worldly meanings meant for you to explore and ponder.

Be sure to post your "Happy Birthday Wishes to Akiane by July 9th in the comments section!

Akiane Newest Paintings from "The Tea Room Series"

Tea Room Series

Guidance, Dancing Dream, Melancholy, Turquoise Falls and Focus are among the titles of this enchanting collection of heaven & earth inspired creations. Each is painted on a 12 x 12-inch canvas, generally in less than 90 minutes, often including a time-lapse video. These originals are often sold the day they are released - so - if you are an admirer and or collector of Akiane's art, be sure we will keep you posted on any new painting. Ownership options also include Limited Editions and Professionally Framed and Matted 8 x 8-inch prints.

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  • Happy Birthday ?!!! God bless you…

    Tammy Howell on

  • Happy Birthday Akiane! ?

    ANson Garrett on

  • Happy Birthday Akiane. What a wonderful gift that God has blessed you with. Virginia

    Virginia on

  • Happy Birthday! God Bless you! ❤️

    Marcia on

  • Hi Akiane, just wanted to say “Happy B-day” to ya and Congrats on moving to Australia, it seems like such a magical place, can’t wait to see what you paint next ! We LOVE your work ! God Bless You,
    RaeLee R.-Berne, N.Y.

    RaeLee Robinson on

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