JESUS, by Akiane Kramairk - New Jesus Christ Painting

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Jesus by Akiane Kramarik 2017 - - official Akiane Gifts - Art

by Akiane Kramarik, Age 22, Acrylic on Linen

Jesus, Akiane Kramarik’s new painting of Christ, now revealed.  Read the highlights from the short documentary titled, "Painting The Impossible".   A moving video of Akiane's story about her personal journey beginning with the painting, Prince of Peace,  (as seen in Heaven is for Real) through the completion of her newest portrait of Christ, simply titled, JESUS,  posted at the bottom of this page. 

Secrets of Akiane’s Spiritual Journey Revealed

Witness the dramatic story of Akiane’s spiritual journey and some of the rarely discussed spiritual battles in her lifelong quest to fulfill the divine commissions,  painting the real face of Jesus.  Observe the surprising revelations of Akiane’s 19-year journey of overcoming darkness as she struggles to be light and bring love into the world through painting her visions of Jesus Christ.  Akiane describes her purpose in life as God's Divine Commissions - visions given to her to painting.  Paintings and visual messages that are meant to help others see and feel the love of God through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Akiane is a gifted, visionary journalist who has been reporting her visions and messages from heaven since she was eight years old by using a paintbrush and canvas instead of paper and pen  – Breaking News and messages from above.

Here’s The Akiane Kramarik Back Story

Since age 8 Akiane has painted many different periods of Jesus life beginning with the blessed virgin portrait, in Mother’s Love.  Next, she painted a glimpse of Jesus’ childhood in  On My Knees.”  Then we see Jesus and a teenager in “Missing Years & Dreams.”  The crucifixion and resurrection we the inspiration of  “Father Forgive Them and Prince of Peace.” 

Original Akaine Painting of Jesus - Stolen!

Did you know that the original portrait of Prince of Peace, her most beloved painting of Jesus was stolen about a year before Oprah Winfrey introduces Akiane and her Jesus painting to the world at age ten?  The theft of Akiane’s original masterpiece, the “Prince of Peace” painting of Jesus has continued to grieve her.  Yes, Akiane’s original painting of Christ was stolen by a  trusted art agent who sold the  Akiane's masterpiece - it was never recovered!

As fate would have it while living in Australia Akiane discovered the owner and location of her original painting of the Prince of Peace – hidden –locked in a vault for over 12 years.  Akiane offered to buy the painting of Jesus, but the owner was not willing to sell it to anyone.   Join us in praying and believing that this painting will be released, and returned and that God's will be done!

God Takes Akiane On A 12-Year Journey 

Akiane shares with us that over these same 12 years God has taken her on an extraordinary journey – spiritual, physically and emotionally - traveling around the world as a reporter - of sorts.  Akiane often describes herself as a visionary journalist, charged with painting true life stories.  Sharing the deep life lessons from people of many cultures - visual teachings - messages from heaven, rich in metaphoric meaning, spiritual lessons.  These profound visual allegories speak directly to the heart and soul of seekers around the globe.

Now Revealed - A New Chapter in the Akiane Story

Now, back to Akiane’s painting simply titled “JESUS” and the most recent chapter of Akiane’s mysterious walk with the Lord which began late in 2016, just after Akiane and family returned to the United States from an extended tour in Europe.

 Akiane Kramarik with Jesus, Prince of Peace sketch Fall 2016


At age 22 Akiane Kramairk and her family returned to the United States and settled on a small farm in the countryside in Illinois.  Soon she was offered a project not yet made public.  To complete the request, Akiane was asked to create a line drawing of Prince of Peace.  Akiane says it was an awkward assignment, especially since the original was gone, yet she felt compelled to accept the unusual request.  Recreating the real face of Jesus originally painted at age into a simple line drawing - was not simple at all!  As you will see while watching the "Painting The Impossible" documentary below.  As the project progressed, Akiane became overwhelmed with the incredible detail that was being revealed to her!  “I was hearing a new message,” Akiane said.  “I prayed about what to do next, and was blown away by the unexpected answer!  Despite all my doubts I took out a linen canvas and began painting my vision ...”  A labor of obedience and love took a strange turn when, with over 1,000 hours invested in the new painting,  Akiane began sensing that completing the Jesus painting in her most recent vision - was impossible!

Was this Akiane’s Dark Night of the Soul?

On Christmas, Eve 2016,  dark forces invaded Akiane’s sleep ... a sinister nightmare unfolded.  Akiane saw her portrait of Jesus destroyed.  Akiane rushed to her studio.  The painting was still there, but the image of Jesus appeared veiled and lifeless! 

Over the next weeks, as hard as Akiane tried, she could not fix this painting of Jesus! 

Many, more weeks passed with no progress ... Akiane was devastated.  This had never happened before.  Akiane knew the Lord had commissioned her to do this painting of Jesus.  Where was God?  What was happening?

Akiane began to realize that all of her efforts were not good enough - she began to lose hope.  Darkness persisted.  For the first time in her life, Akiane Kramarik was ready to quit,  give up and abandon God's Divine Commission to present this new portrait of  Christ to the world.

We were all very, very concerned!  In nearly 15 years of working with Akiane, I had never seen her in this type of deep despair.  We all continued to pray.  Her parents, brothers, family, and trusted friends persisted - - - finally, a breakthrough occurred!   For a brief time, Akiane was shown the full vision of Jesus.  Once revealed she quickly returned to her studio. 

On July 9th, Akiane’s 23rd birthday she excitedly shared her new painting with the world - a beautiful testimony of endurance and a give of great love and light that contains a message to all.  Looking back on this mysterious, and sometimes dark spiritual drama Akiane says,

All these years God was waiting for me to grow so I could paint the most powerful message to mankind; A Message of Unwavering Faith, Unconditional love and Eternal life - JESUS.

Click below to watch Akiane Kramarik's story of heartbreak to victory!




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  • You came to me over a time where I need some affirmation. God told me today that that paining being hidden in the vault is of eVol doers. They are trying to keep the prince of peace from coming into peoples lives. That is the only reason why this picture is being hidden. I hope and pray that the chain of command could get your painting back due to that Unlawfulness.And that justice be done. Unlawfulness. I truly believe That your paintings her to remind people that they saw what they saw. I hope you have a video of that painting. Since you have documented your life so well. Blessings to you and are praying for the painting to resurface. I love the new one as well. Bless you
    Peggylynn on

  • Please share the music Akiane has played. Thanks and God Bless!

    Sharon Wood on

  • Akiane if you know who has your Original painting Prince of peace you should contact the police.
    In England it is a crime to have something you have had stolen even if this man bought it in good faith.

    By law it should be returned to you. You should not have to pay to get it returned to you it is your art work. I pray you will have your painting returned god bless you janet xx

    Janet on

  • Wow….how do I begin to tell you?? The picture you painted is the vision I saw for but a brief few seconds over a year ago when I was going through a very dark and difficult time in my life. I was down on my knees trying to get water out of an unfamiliar water cooler…when I looked up…there he was with his back towards me looking over his left shoulder with an incredulous look of like: “Haven’t we been through this before??” I looked away and when I looked again he was gone. But I heard that familiar voice in my head saying.." I TOLD YOU…I would NEVER leave you or forsake you!" You picture is exactly whom I saw, 5’-1"(+/-?) Jesus. I am to this day still trying to process the impossible.

    kirby david wilson on

  • Blessings pure brave heart thank you for being so courageous

    Diane Blaylock on

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