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An Easter Gift For You!

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Stay organized & count your blessings every day of the year! Enjoy the beauty of Akiane Kramarik's divinely inspired art featured within this stunning wall calendar! This Fine Art Calendar features Jesus Prince of Peace and 11 additional Akiane Kramarik paintings including; Immortal, Lilies of the Valley, Evening Swan, Father Forgive Returning Home, Supreme Sanctuary, I Am and Inspiration - Easy-to-Frame-Art-Prints.

Prince of Peace Trinity Candle
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Give your home, office, or church an added touch of elegance with this Prince of Peace tapestry. This classically inspired wall art piece features Akiane Kramarik’s detailed depiction of Jesus. Crafted by skilled artisans using soft blended cotton yarn carefully dyed to match the rich colors of the original painting, this jacquard woven tapestry adds depth and beauty to any wall - and an added bonus - 8 Note Cards makes sharing Jesus with others simple.

Prince of Peace - Tapestry Wall Hanging
Prince of Peace, Greeting & Note Cards

Akiane Now ... New Art, News & Announcements
Akiane and family have returned from Australia, are once again making the U.S.A home and have snuggled into a little farm in the midwest with a few goats, chickens and such. Akiane finds peace and inspiration in this quite country setting, not far from where she first experienced her earliest visions of Jesus, Angels, and Heaven when she was only four years old. As always, Akiane, who describes herself as an artistic-visionary-journalist, is focused on reporting what she experiences through her art. A new painting titled "Guidance" was recently released and is one of nine tiny treasures from the "Tea Room" Series. These paintings are created on smaller canvases, in one setting and in about 2 hours. The smaller Akiane originals are precious 12-inch x 12-inch treasures that often sell the day they are released! Check out the Tea Room Collection Here

Akiane still enjoys writing and continues to work on a table-top art book containing her art through the years. She is also having lots of fun with film-making! Yes, Akiane has been creating short documentaries for many of her new painting using time-lapse photography, music, and inspirational guided messages. Over the last year, many of Akiane's paintings have been choreographed and described in short videos. Watch here as Akiane paints a stately lion titled "The Focus" and one of nine Tea Room Series paintings.

Akiane continues to rise and paint in the early morning hours - she is currently working on what we are told is a very special painting scheduled to be revealed during the Easter season! Any ideas? Stay tuned!

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