Sharing Jesus - A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words - Who Do You Know Who Needs Unconditional Love?

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If you know others who would benefit from a relationship with Jesus but you are a bit timid about witnessing, evangelizing or interfering here are a few simple ways to share Jesus & Bless others ... 

  • Share the Akiane & Prince of Peace Story from the perspective of a modern-day miracle:  About Akiane 
  • Hand them a wallet card, the anointed picture of Jesus may start a fascinating conversation:  Wallet Cards 
  • Tell them about our 400,000 fan Facebook page with beautiful art & daily inspirations: Facebook Page
  • Send them a link to one of our blogs that may be of particular interest to your friend:  Blogs Page
  • Maybe someone you know needs encouragement or prayer, share one of these:  Free Resources 
  • Perhaps you need a special gift, see the  largest Prince of Peace selection in the world:  Jesus Gift Shop

Akiane Kramarik with painting of Jesus Prince of Peace at age 8By the way, did you know that  Akaine's original painting of Jesus is over 4 foot tall! Here she is at age 8 just after completing her first masterpiece titled "Prince of Peace".  MOST OF US DO NOT HAVE ROOM for a  four-foot painting!   We offer Prince of Peace Art in a 9 by 12-inch and a 15 x 20-inch canvas too!  Both  Canvas Giclees display beautifully on most any wall!  When you a acquire a museum quality "Prince of Peace" canvas for yourself or as a gift you will also get Free Shipping anywhere in the USA.
Legacy Jesus Art on Canvas is a cherished and  "life-long" gift for special people & special occasions!  

Who do you know that would cherish "Prince of Peace" forever?  You?  Perhaps a loved one?   What an amazing way share Jesus  ~ because ~ a picture is worth 1,000 words!



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