What Happened to Akiane Kramarik? - Top 15 Akiane Questions Answered

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The Akiane Kramarik Story 2017 Update, The Year in Review
Who, How, What, Where & When - Top 15 Questions About Akiane Kramarik Answered

Who is Akiane Kramarik the painter?

Here are just a few of the many ways folks search the internet to help discover Who Akiane Kramarik is: Akiane Artist, Akiane Prince of Peace Artist, Artist prodigy, Akiane child artist, Akiane indigo artist, Akiane Russian artist, Akiane young artist, Akiane young spiritual artist – she is all of these and much more!

For more detailed information about who Akiane Kramarik, the painter, prodigy, and poet is; click the links below

How to pronounce Akiane?

One of the many questions asked about Akiane Kramarik is how to pronounce her name. Here is the correct pronunciation of Akiane – there are three syllables - the emphasis is on the first syllable. Ahh - key - ona.

What Does Akiane Mean?

The name “Akiane” was created by Akiane’s Lithuanian mother, Foreli Kramarik, for her soon-to-be child prodigy daughter. By using the Russian root word for ocean, “Okeah or Okian” and adding an “E” in the way of traditional Lithuanian names, Foreli designed the name AKIANE for her newborn child. The meaning of Akiane is OCEAN - a creative combination of the Russian and Lithuanian languages. Akiane, correctly pronounced, is Ahh-key-ona.

When was Akiane Kramarik Born?

Akiane Kramarik was born on July 9, 1994. Like her two older brothers Jeanlu and Delfini, Akiane was born in an underwater birth at home with the assistance of her father, Mark.

Where Was Akiane Kramarik Born?

Akiane Kramarik was born in the rural community of Mount Morris, Illinois to an American father, Mark Kramarik, who was a chef in Chicago and a Lithuanian mother and homemaker, Foreli Kramarik, and is the third of 5 children. Akiane has two older and two younger brothers.

What Country is Akiane Kramarik from?

Many people believe that Akiane, who was referred to as the little Lithuanian girl who painted Jesus in the movie and book, Heaven is for Real, is from a foreign country. However, Akiane Kramarik was born in Mount Morris, Illinois in the United States and is an American citizen. The unusual name, Akiane, means “ocean” and was created by her Lithuanian mother using components of both the Russian and Lithuanian languages, so it is easy to assume Akiane was born elsewhere. Because Akiane has also lived in 15 different countries and speaks many languages, people are often confused about what nationality Akiane Kramarik is. Even though Akiane was born in America, she has recently been granted citizenship in Australia. Thus, Akiane is a citizen of both the United States of America and Australia, the land down under.

What religion is Akiane?

Akiane, her faith, and beliefs are surprisingly simple. Akiane does not attend church or proclaim a particular religious denomination. She was raised in an atheist home and has never attended church or synagogue. Her faith and beliefs are formed by direct visions and experiences of Jesus, Heaven, and angels that began at age four. Akiane recently said “Jesus remains my highest authority, love, and God. My art is only a representation of what I see; Jesus’ glory is beyond description ... I don’t belong to any denomination or religion, I just belong to God."

Click Here for more About Akiane’s Religion & Read the Akiane Statement of faith

What happened To Akiane?

There are two separate questions when people ask “what happened to Akiane.” First, some folks ask the question, “what happened to Akiane” wondering about her past and initial visionary experiences that began at age four when she mysteriously disappeared. Second, others are asking about Akiane now and what she is doing today when they ask “what happened to Akiane.”

What happened to Akiane as a child?

Akiane’s early family consisted of her father, Mark, her mother Foreli, and her two older brothers, Jeanlu and Delfini. The Kramarik’s were not surrounded by family and friends. They did not own a radio or television. Their life was simple. Akiane’s parents were intentional about nurturing their children and frequently took walks in nature, practiced home-schooling, and enjoyed lots of open, honest conversation. The Kramarik family was loving, idealistic, poor, and atheist. Spiritual matters were never a topic of discussion in their home. Naturally, Akiane’s family members were mystified when Akiane began describing her visions of God, Jesus, angels, and heaven.

Akiane tells us of a rainy spring day when she was nearly five years old that her world changed. Akiane disappeared. Her frantic parents called the police, a search party formed and all the cars that were coming or going from her hometown were searched. Because Akiane suddenly disappeared she was assumed kidnapped and Akiane’s photograph was distributed around the community in a plea for assistance in finding the missing child.

About her unusual disappearance Akiane tell us this about being invisible - Akiane says,

“I was able to see exactly how many police officers, state troopers, firemen, search dogs, and neighbors were looking for me because of a suspected kidnapping. However, nobody could see me. That’s right. Nobody. It was as if, temporarily, I was off the radar. Undetectable."

Many people ask - How did Akiane Die?

Since Akiane’s heavenly encounter has many of the hallmarks of an N-D-E or Near Death Experience, it is often assumed that Akiane died. For example, Akiane says, that although she was able to see the people who were searching for her in great detail, she could not communicate with them. She also perceived that she was invisible to the search party and completely undetectable. Akiane can also describe her experience of the heavens while she was “gone” in great detail. Many of these details have been revealed in her heaven and creation paintings completed from age eight through age twelve.

After many hours Akiane reappeared in the midst of a group of searchers who witnessed her surprising re-emergence in the corridor of the Kramarik home. No one, not Akiane, or her family, or the police officers could comprehend what had happened - yet there is no evidence that Akiane died – and the entire incident of Akiane’s disappearance remains a mystery. Upon her mysterious return, Akiane began speaking of Jesus, God, Angels, and heaven. Akiane describes her experience much like Paul did in 2 Corinthians 12:2 when he said, “Whether in the body or out of the body, I cannot tell: God knows.” Akiane did not die; we do not know what happened: God Knows. So, Akiane’s unusual experiences remain unexplained, yet explanations or not, Akiane was forever changed, and of those changes, she tells us;

“If I have been gifted by God,
and I have been,
it is for one reason only, to help others.

From that time forward Akiane has had an overwhelming desire and the unique ability to share her heavenly insights and visions as drawings, paintings, and poetry. Many of Akiane paintings are windows to the divine, yet, Akiane’s portrait of Jesus Christ, titled Prince of Peace, remains her most coveted Jesus painting. It seems that Akiane was commissioned by God to bring the real face of Jesus to a world in need of Love. Akiane says, “My paintings are to draw people’s attention to God.”

When Did Akiane Paint Jesus?

By age six, Akiane had become consumed by the desire to paint a portrait of the real face of Jesus to help seekers understand that Jesus is real and he loves us. By the time Akiane completed her painting of Jesus, Prince of Peace, she was only eight years old. Akiane’s portrait of Christ was painted on a huge 36 x 48-inch canvas that was taller than Akiane. In fact, she used a step ladder to reach the top of the canvas which took 40 hours to complete. Akiane, her talent, and the Prince of Peace painting of Jesus Christ were discovered by the folks at the Oprah Winfrey show who were seeking America’s most gifted kids for an upcoming program. Akiane appeared on the Oprah show when she was ten years old, two years after she painted Jesus. Since then, Akiane has painted

What has happened to Akiane recently?

Akiane is a rather private person and intentionally keeps a low profile. She is focused on her art, her family, and life balance. Since age 14 Akiane, her parents, and siblings have lived in over 15 countries. The Kramarik’s have traveled the world because they love sharing Akiane’s art while experiencing other cultures. Akiane often creates paintings that are influenced by her experiences from abroad. From 2012 through 2014 the Heaven was For Real book and movie featuring “Prince of Peace,” Akiane’s most famous painting of Jesus, became a media phenomenon. To the surprise of many, Akiane met Colton Burpo for the first time on the Katie Couric show.

Where Is Akiane Kramarik Now?

Before her return to the United States, Akiane lived and painted near Sydney Australia where she has since been granted a Permanent Resident status. In 2016 Akiane and her family moved to Illinois where they lived on a small patch of land that is just a train ride away from Chicago.  

Since back in Midwest America Akiane has remained busy painting and has created a series of smaller canvases called – Tea Room Paintings – many of these are featured in 2018 Calendar by Art & SoulWorks. These smaller canvases are accompanied by a short time-lapse video of Akiane creating her painting. As an example, you can watch Akiane as she paints a majestic lion – titled Focus - by clicking here.

Akiane Kramarik - Winter 2016

Akiane’s Christmas present, a new puppy, and a painting companion.

Akiane agrees to participate in making a gold coin using Jesus, Prince of Peace as the image they will strike on the coin. This required much greater detail than in her original Prince of Peace painting. As Akiane recreated her original painting of Jesus as a pencil drawing incredible detail emerged. This was the beginning of her most recent painting simple titled JESUS. This adventure is described in detail in a 25-minute video documentary titled “Painting the Impossible”

Akiane Kramarik - Spring 2017

Akiane continues painting smaller, Tea Room Series, paintings. These paintings are generally completed in about 90 minutes on 12 x 12-inch canvas and often are accompanied by a time-lapse video: Titles in the Tea Room Series included: Dancy Dream, Carefree, Unforgettable, Serenade, Jazz in the City, Melancholy, Patience, The Focus, Turquoise Falls, Spirited, and Guidance - many of these paintings are featured in the 2018 Akiane Calendar. All Akiane paintings from the 2017 Akiane Tea Room Series - some can be seen and purchased online here in our Akiane Gallery.

Akiane unexpectedly received an invitation to fly to Sydney, Australia in May 2017 to accept the Distinguished Talent Visa and her Permanent Residency from the Government of Australia!! Akiane says "What an honor!."

Akiane Kramarik - Summer 2017

Akiane completes her newest painting of Jesus accompanied by the video documentary “Painting the Impossible” which is produced by Akiane and her mother Foreli as an accompaniment to the new Jesus painting.

July 9th, 2017 Akiane celebrated her 23rd birthday by sharing JESUS, her most recent painting of Christ, for the first time.

Akiane Kramarik - Fall 2017

Although Akiane participates in the Make-A-Wish Foundation events frequently, she says it was an honor to finally collaborate with the foundation in order to fulfill one little girl's wish to paint with her. Seven-year-old Maria Anita has Sickle Cell Disease and she flew with her parents and two siblings from North Carolina to my Akiane’s Art Studio near Chicago to fulfill her dream of painting with Akiane.

Akiane Kramarik - Winter 2017

In November 2017 Akiane introduced “The Afternoon Art Series,” more paintings on smaller canvases including titles, The Vision, Today and The Garden so far.

December 2017 - Akiane Paintings Museum Exhibit in Japan!

Two Akiane originals and twenty-five canvas prints including “Jesus”, "Sixteen Lives in The Wind", "The Messenger", "The Gift" and "Unforgettable" were available to be viewed at Machikado Museum from December, 19 – 24, 2017.

The event was sponsored by Akiane longtime Art Collector, Hatsue Atsuta.

What Does Akiane Do Now?

Akiane is still living in Illinois and rises at four in the morning to spend about 6 hours a day Monday through Friday in her studio painting. After work, some of the things that Akiane likes to do include helping take care of the families, goats, chicken, dogs, and a variety of egg-laying feathered friends. In addition to painting, Akiane is fond of animals, loves photography, enjoys composing music, and most importantly, spending quality time with her family. Generally speaking, Akiane has a zest for life and thirst for helping others find hope and purpose by quietly sharing her gifts and resources with others. Akiane says:

“If I have been gifted by God,
and I have been,
it is for one reason only, to help others.

To that end, Art & SoulWorks partnered with Akiane and the Kramarik family nearly 15 years ago to fulfill the mission of helping others. We work to bring the Real face of Jesus, the Reality of Heaven and Akiane’s revelations about the Love of God and the hope of eternity to the world,

The Art & SoulWorks "Gifts That Keep Giving" program donates 20% of our proceeds to Charities and Organizations that focus on helping others in need.

What Is Akiane Kramarik Doing Today?

To keep you up-to-date with what Akiane is doing today Art & SoulWorks, the trusted source of Jesus, Prince of Peace Gifts & Art by Akiane Kramarik, publishes Akiane Kramarik updates quarterly and again, whenever there is breaking news that Jesus and Akiane fans might be interested in knowing. If you are not already a member, stay informed and receive our  Updates by emailing info@Art-SoulWorks.com.  

How Does Akiane Paint?

Akiane is completely focused on her artwork and always awakes around four in the morning to begin her day. Akiane tells us she is most alert in the early hours of the morning when she quietly goes to her studio and paints for many hours. Akiane often handcrafts her paintbrushes to accomplish specific strokes and techniques. How does Akiane paint? Akiane paints at least five days per week and 6 hours per day. She often begins with a light pencil sketch on her canvas then paints detail after detail, layer upon layer, day in and day out, month after month. Akiane often spends as much as three months on a single painting. Akiane believes in excellence and her painstakingly detailed paintings have earned her the honor of being one of the top living realistic painters in the world. Akiane says, “I know I am just one person, but I wish that with each brushstroke those who have lost hope will find it.”

How Much Is Akiane Kramarik Worth?

There is much speculation about how much Akiane Kramarik is worth. Although Akiane was included in the group of the richest kids-entrepreneurs of America in her teens; “How much Akiane Kramarik is worth” is a matter of interpretation? Here are a few things to consider. Akiane has painted over 200 original paintings since age 8. Of these, Akiane’s most famous painting, Prince of Peace, was stolen. Jesus is featured in seven additional Akiane paintings. Some of these original paintings are valued in the millions yet; they are not for sale. Akiane’s originals are priced based on, size, subject, and the time it takes to complete the artwork. Some commissioned pieces of art have sold for over a hundred thousand dollars. About abundance, Akiane says this

“Love … if you put others before yourself - you are already abundantly rich. You might think that you need special time to create and your family is taking time away from you - but remember, a happy family is your road to success. Helping the family is helping you is helping the whole world.”

What Is Akiane’s Most Expensive Painting?

Prices on original painting that have been purchased by art collectors is not public. Since age 8 Akiane has completed more than 200 original paintings. Of those that are available for sale Akiane’s original painting prices range from eight thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most Jesus paintings, among Akiane's most famous masterpieces, are not for sale; however, because they are painted by a child based on her visions, some are valued in the millions of dollars.

Akiane’s painting prices are based on, the canvas size, the subject matter, and the amount of time it takes Akiane to complete the artwork. We can verify that many of Akiane’s commissioned pieces of art have sold for over a hundred thousand dollars each. To see all of Akiane's original paintings or to purchase Akiane originals or canvas reproductions of originals click here to visit the Akiane Gallery. In this online art gallery, all of Akiane Kramarik paintings are arranged in chronicle order and grouped by Akiane’s age when they were completed.

Where to buy Akiane Kramarik Paintings?

The Akiane Gallery, once located in Post Falls Idaho, was closed years ago when Akiane and her family began traveling internationally. Since that time Akiane original paintings have not been available for public viewing. See our selection of Akiane paintings currently available for sale in our Akiane Kramarik Gallery. This Akiane Kramarik Gallery used to have all of Akiane’s paintings displayed in chronological order beginning with the Jesus paintings series but many are sold out. What we have remaining for sale within the Akiane Gallery you will find displayed with the title, and age the painting was completed by Akiane. Click the painting image to discover the available sizes, types, and pricing for the Akiane painting you are interested in.

For collectors who would like to acquire an original Akiane painting, call Carol Corneliuson, our Art Director, for availability and purchase prices at 888.308.8659 Mountain Time. If you prefer email be in touch at carol@Art-SoulWorks.com 

We trust we have answered many of your questions about Akiane Kramarik, about the Akiane Art Gallery, about who Akiane is and about the Akiane Art & SoulWorks mission.

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