**Faith Inspired Art of Dutch Master Rembrandt

Posted by Brian McCullough on

Belief itself can inspire the great creators of fine art. The Dutch Master known as Rembrandt van Rijn died in 1669, but he remains one of the world's most popular painters. Many people can recognize his best Baroque works on sight. However, fewer people know about his deep religious faith and how it affected much of his work. Rembrandt's style is known for utilizing deep shadows and brilliant light to add a sense of dimension to his paintings. His artwork is also full of symbolism drawn from his Protestant background and his admiration for the beauty of Jewish temples, even...

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*Today's Christian Art - Some Useful Insights Revealed

Posted by Carol Corneliuson on


If you're looking for Christian artwork and you want a quality product on your walls, then you need to know what Christian art truly means. The Christian artwork that you choose does not have to be mass-produced, or include Jesus or an angel in order for it to inspire you. The right Christian artwork is one that speaks to you no matter what the imagery. Some of the most inspiring paintings ever made are of outer space and the universe, sandy beaches and tall, majestic mountains. The Christian artwork you buy should have a purpose for you: something that creates...

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