Divine Knowledge, Canvas Print by Akiane Kramarik

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Divine Knowledge “…Only from the deep coal tunnels White diamonds come. But only by the light They are recognized…” Akiane This is the painting about search for divine knowledge… The...
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Divine Knowledge “…Only from the deep coal tunnels White diamonds come. But only by the light They are recognized…” Akiane This is the painting about search for divine knowledge… The young sculptor represents our civilization mostly ruled by the male. His youth shows that our civilization is still immature. The sculptor is chiseling a huge heap of coal in order to find the diamond representing divine knowledge. The sculptor ignores the pain, strain, hardship and temptation of everything surrounding him. All he focuses on is on finding this particular diamond, and he knows that if he chisels long enough through the black coal layers, representing human knowledge, he will finally see the diamond of the Supreme Knowledge. In the background of a cave the contrast of ice and hot rocks represent the world of contrasts we live in. The melted ice that formed a narrow stream flowing through, symbolizes humanity’s thirst for knowledge that can be quenched only by the light of love. *** This painting was particularly hard for me, because I have changed it so many times and ended up using two models and two completely different backgrounds. It took me a few months to paint its full meaning and another three months of prayer to fully understand it. We often have entire churches visit my studio gallery. One day a pastor of a small local church came with his congregation to view my work, including “Divine Knowledge”, which I had finished about five months before. Our family prayed for them, and a few weeks later 50 karat gems started falling out of nowhere on a front lawn of one elderly couple who were the members of that church and who lived not far from us. For the next year or so, 40 huge gems materialized either by their mobile home or in their church, or were directly handed by a beautiful angel. Many people witnessed the miraculous appearance of these multi-colored gems. My family was a little skeptical. On one occasion, however, they too noticed gold dust particles slowly falling in front of the couple’s mobile home. When three independent gemologists examined the gold dust under the microscope, the top layer was found made of the purist type of gold, the bottom - of crystal, and when they tried to separate the two, one of them, either the gold or the crystal somehow evaporated. The gems were totally perfect in their form and brilliance, but their substance was completely unknown to science. The elderly couple graciously gave me a few ounces of the heavenly gold dust, so I could apply it on my paintings. Soon after, media and thousands of people flocked both the church and my studio to admire this unexplainable manifestation. Reflections for “Divine Knowledge” You achieve a finish line, but realize that each step and each stroke to get there was in error. Any great power that cannot define its strength coming from the right source is not that great, mature or just. Our human strength has also unlimited weaknesses. The world has too much of its own knowledge to acknowledge divine wisdom, just like hues trying to escape the royalty of the colors. To learn what is divinely forbidden stunts growth. We require signs from wisdom but end up holding them ourselves.

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