Enjoy & share beautiful ways to be in touch - stay organized - keep track of your appointments, important dates, thoughts, answered prayer and notes with these beautiful  Greeting Cards, Calendars, and Journals many featuring Jesus Prince of Peace originally painted by child-prodigy Akiane Kramarik from Art & SoulWorks.
Boxed Set of Jesus Picture Note Cards @ www.art-soulworks.com Save 50%

Jesus Note Card Assortment, 2 each of 4 Jesus Pictures by Akiane

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4 Pictures of Jesus by Akiane - Note Card Assortment Brighten someone's day with an encouraging note The blank interior makes your handwritten note stand out.  Each of these pictures of Jesus has a special meaning. Each image of Jesus has the story of the painting on...
Prince of Peace Greeting-Note Card & Envelope @ www.art-soulworks.com Save 37%

Prince of Peace, Greeting & Note Cards, 8 Boxed Cards

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Prince of Peace Greeting Cards These exquisite cards are 5-inch by 7-inch reproductions of the painting of Jesus titled “Prince of Peace” that was completed by Akiane Kramarik at age 8 and is considered the child's first masterpiece. Prince of Peace is also known as...
Father Forgive - Them Greeting-Note Card & Envelope Save 63%

Father Forgive Them, Greeting & Note Cards, 8 Boxed Cards

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Brighten the day of someone you care about with a card from this Father Forgive Them boxed set. This Jesus stationery collection includes eight beautiful cards depicting one of Akiane Kramarik's most popular pieces of artwork. Akiane's Kramarik's Father Forgive Them comes to life with...
I Am - Greeting-Note Card & Envelope @ www.art-soulworks.com Save 50%

I AM, Greeting & Note Cards, 8 Boxed Cards

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Boxed Note Card Set 8 - 5" x 7" Note Cards 8 - White Envelopes with Gold Foil Lined Interior Printed with Eco-Ink in Full Color-Front & Back Blank Inside for easy note writing Back of Card has Akiane’s Story about her Jesus age 27...
Mother's Love Greeting-Note Card & Envelope @ www.art-soulworks.com Save 75%

Mother's Love, Greeting & Note Cards, 8 Mother Mary Cards

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  Akiane's "Mother's Love" Story on back of card   "I painted Mary in a silky blue robe surrounded by a background palette of cerulean, cobalt and Persian blue. This is how I interpreted the vision of baby Jesus and his beautiful young mother. The...
Prince of Peace - Wallet Card - 10 Pack @ www.art-soulworks.com

Prince of Peace – Wallet Cards 10, 50 or 100 Pack

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Share the love of Jesus, Prince of Peace, with the Akiane Kramarik painting that touched the world as seen the Heaven is for Real movie & books - 1, 10, 50 & 100 counts packs are available. These  little pictures of Jesus prints are ideal for...
Mothers Love Wallet Cards Original Art Akaine Kramarik www.Art-SoulWorks.JPG Save 25%

Mother's Love, Wallet Cards, 10 Pack

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Akiane's image of "Mothers Love" is a universal symbol that speaks to the heart - fits in your wallet. Quantity pricing available.
Father Forgive - Wallet or Witnessing Cards - 10 Pack @ www.art-soulworks.com Save 25%

Father Forgive, Wallet Card, 10 Pack

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"Father Forgive Them" is Akiane's image of Jesus lifting up the world and asking for forgiveness from the Father prior to being crucified." Each card is laminated to protect the image for many, many years to come Wallet cared are available individually and in bulk...