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Akiane Kramarik’s story is fascinating! She was born in a shack on the edge of a cornfield near Chicago in 1994. Her mother, Foreli, a teacher from Lithuania and her father, Mark, a cook from Chicago, were young and struggling parents experiencing financial hardships in their rural Illinois home.

The family had no friends, no relatives, and no television or radio. Their life was simple, highlighted with long walks in nature, open conversations, home-schooling, and hands-on exploration of knowledge in a nurturing environment. They were loving, idealistic, poor, and atheists. Spiritual matters were not discussed in their home.  Naturally, Akiane's family members were mystified when, at age 4, she began describing her visions of God, Jesus, angels, and heaves.

Naturally, Akiane’s family members were mystified when, at age 4, she began describing her visions of God, Jesus, angels, and heaven.

Jesus Prince of Peace Original Painting with Akaine Kramarik at age 8

Gradually Akiane’s days were full of visions, painting, and writing. During this time, Akiane’s mother filled many journals as she recorded Akiane’s experiences. Soon Akiane’s pencil and charcoal sketches filled the house. By age 6, Akiane was painting in acrylics, then oils. At age 7, she suddenly began writing extraordinary poetry – hundreds of poems and aphorisms can be read in Akiane: My Dream is Bigger Than I

At age 8, this child prodigy, equipped with her visions and paintbrushes – and a ladder! – completed a four-foot-tall oil painting of Jesus, which she titled “Prince of Peace.” This is considered Akiane’s first masterpiece.

By age 10, Akiane was making regular media appearances. The Jesus and Akiane Kramarik story had gained global attention!

Prime-time TV shows and radio shows included TBN, The Hour of Power, World News Tonight, Good Morning America, Glen Beck Show/CNN, The View, Fox News, Montel Williams Show, Oprah, Late Show, Lou Dobbs Show/CNN.

International interest and media coverage about Akiane Kramarik dramatically increased with the release of the Heaven is for Real book and movie.

The publication of the New York Times #1 bestselling book Heaven is for Real – A Little Boy’s Astounding Trip to Heaven and Back, written by Todd Burpo, was followed by the successful movie Heaven is for Real, released by Sony Pictures.

In the book and movie, young Colton Burpo describes being taken to heaven during an emergency appendectomy and being with Jesus. He identified Akiane’s portrait “Prince of Peace” as the Real Face of Jesus - the Jesus he experienced in heaven - the same image of Jesus that Akiane depicted in her portrait of Christ!

During her leisure time, Akiane loves writing poetry, playing the piano, sewing, fashion design, and travel. Akiane feels called to explore and report on all the cultures in the world and describes herself as a Visionary Journalist Artist. Akiane and her family recently returned from Australia and now is back in the United States.  Akiane and family live near Chicago where she continues to paint daily - visit our Akiane Art Gallery to see all Akiane Paintings.

Those who have gotten to know Akiane Kramarik’s Story – and Akiane herself – find her joyful, gentle, dedicated, and humble. Throughout the years, Akiane has enjoyed much attention and fame. Yet she remains unpretentious and completely oblivious to praise, criticism, or accolades.

Akiane, now in her early 20s, has created over 200 published works of art and authored two best-selling books including the Akiane Kramarik Story and Biography, about her life, her art, and her poetry.


Though Akiane says she was “born to be a painter,” her art requires much focus and dedication! Akiane often spends hundreds of hours on a single painting, generally preferring a large canvas (many of her originals are 48” x 60” or more).

Along with her family’s tremendous support for her gift of painting, Akiane was, and still is, encouraged to follow her other interests such as playing the piano, composing music, and studying diverse cultures, where she can utilize her language skills – she speaks Lithuanian, Russian, English and sign language – and as she travels with her art exhibitions visiting over 30 countries around the world.

Many who come to know the Akiane Kramarik story and experience her art are forever changed.

Akaine is considered to be one of the top realistic artists in the world and is the only known binary genius in both realistic art and poetry. Her style is unusually versatile and profoundly complex, revealing the deep mysteries of the unknown. Akiane seems to easily connect with people of all age groups and cultures. Those who learn more about Akiane Kramarik and her “Prince of Peace” portrait are deeply touched.

Akiane seems to have an awareness of reality that penetrates deeper than that of the ordinary mind, often touching the Divine. For example, her first masterpiece, “Prince of Peace,” is finished to such an ultra-realistic level that it seems to transcend the canvas. This masterful portrait of Jesus transports us into the artist’s world where we can begin to experience the Love of Jesus. Although Akiane’s original paintings are sought after by collectors globally, most original Jesus paintings are considered national treasures and are not for sale - that’s the reason Art & SoulWorks is dedicated to bringing you the finest archival reproductions of Akiane Kramarik’s art in the world, especially “Prince of Peace.” We have all titles of Akiane Kramarik paintings for sale.  If you are interested in purchasing Akiane artwork to grace your home we have “Prince of Peace” as well as many Akiane originals, Fine Art Prints and beautiful gifts for you to consider.

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Front Cover Table Top Hardback Book about Akiand

“My art is only a representation of what I see …

Jesus’ Glory is beyond description.”
– Akiane Kramarik

“I want my art to draw people’s attention to God.”
– Akiane Kramarik

Akiane says; “If I have been gifted by God … it is for one reason … to help others.”

Learn more about Akiane Kramarik’s Life Story – get the Akiane Kramarik biography - 136 pages of full-color art pages and Poetry by Akiane. 

Why is one side of the face of Jesus darker than the other?

"Love and Truth are represented on the light side of Jesus' face; the other is of darkness and suffering. Yet there's light in His eye - this light is a reminder that He is ALWAYS with us."
- Akiane Kramarik

Did you know that Akiane is also an accomplished poet?

When Akiane was 7, she also began to write poetry. Akiane’s accomplishments as both a painter and poet led to her induction into the Children’s Hall of Fame at age 9. Here is a sample of Akiane's poetry - this Akiane Kramarik’s poem titled "It's Not Too Late" was published to accompany her “Prince of Peace” portrait, painted at age 8:

It's Not Too Late

Perhaps I wanted to catch it
perhaps not
But one morning an eagle
dropped a diamond

And right then
with my faulty brush
full of my own hair
I wanted to paint

I wanted to paint the wings-
Too late - they flew away

I wanted to paint a flower
Too late - it withered

That night the rain
was running after me

Each drop of rain
showed God's face

His face was everywhere
On homes and on me

I wrung out the love
to make the red

I wrung out the stumps
to make the brown

I wrung out the trust
to make the pink

I wrung out my own eyes
to make the blue

I wrung out the seaweed
to make the green

I wrung out the nightly pain
to make the black

I wrung out my grandmother's hair
to make the gray

I wrung out my visions
to make the violet

I wrung out the truth
to make the white

Today I want to paint God's face

Akiane Kramarik 

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