Canvas Giclée & Fine Art Prints with Art by Akiane 

6 Options for Owning Art by Akiane Kramarik

When purchasing Akiane Kramarik paintings or prints you might like to know that Akiane is involved with each piece of canvas art that is purchased; often meeting with her collectors personally. Before shipping Akiane makes a final inspection of limited editions - once approved - she then signs and numbers the canvas and creates the "Certificate of Authenticity" for your "Limited Edition Canvas" before shipping your canvas to you.

    1. ORIGINAL CANVAS:  Some of Akiane’s Original paintings are available and are often purchased by Art Collectors. Galleries and museums
    2. ARTIST PROOFS:  Signed and numbered proofs are created to perfect color before creating Limited Editions, each is signed and numbered and are coveted by collectors
    3. LIMITED EDITIONS:   Canvas Giclée reproductions available in  "limited quantiles" are signed and numbered by Akiane
    4. OPEN EDITIONS: Canvas Giclée reproductions are available in many sizes for all of Akiane's Art
    5. PAPER PRINTS:  Paper prints on archival photo paper are available in unlimited quantities.
    6. GIFTS & STATIONERY: Items featuring Akiane - Home Décor, Tapestries, Wall-hangings, Books, Bookmarks, Calendars, Journals and Cards

What is a Giclée?

A Giclée (pronounced zhee-clay) refers to both a category of fine collectible art similar to lithographs and serigraphs, as well as a type of digitally created fine art print. A Giclée reproduction is the highest quality print available in the fine art world today. You will find Giclées of the great master’s paintings displayed at the finest art galleries across the USA. These include The Metropolitan Museum, New York, Los Angeles County Museum, Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and many others.

About Giclée Printing

The Giclée process is accomplished through the digital printing process utilizing a printer that applies millions of microscopic droplets of archival ink per second to the canvas which creates prints of museum quality that cannot be duplicated by any other printing technique. The resulting image beautifully captures the subtle brushwork, color, and emotion of Akiane’s original paintings. This process produces exceptional museum-quality prints with colors which are indistinguishable from the original!

Akiane’s Art Approval Process

To ensure perfect color prints, Akiane oversees the production process regarding color, contrast, blending and focus accuracy. After one of Akiane’s original paintings is reproduced as a Giclee’s the canvas is first dried, then coated for durability – next it is ready for Akiane’s initial inspection called the “artist proof.” Proofing often takes Akiane weeks, months and, in a few cases, years of working with her master printer to reproduce a Giclée that is an accurate representation of the original! Once she has given her final approval, she signs the “Artist Proof” thus authorizing reproductions of the original paintings as needed for our collectors, galleries, and museums.

Akiane, Art & SoulWorks have a mission

Akiane says “I have been blessed by God for one reason and one reason only and that is to help others.” We at Art & SoulWorks share Akiane’s mission to help others by donating a portion our proceeds from our products sales to charity.

Interested In Acquiring Akiane Original Art?

How and Where to Purchase Akiane Kramarik Paintings and Art

In addition to originals works of art, many of Akiane's most popular paintings are now available as Giclée prints in a variety of sizes and editions. Enjoy owning your favorite piece of Akiane’s art and sharing the story of a young child whose visions of God, Jesus, Angels, and Heaven are the constant inspiration for her work. For additional information and pricing call our Art Director, Carol Corneliuson at 888-308-8659.

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