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Akiane, you were born into an atheist family?  What changed that?
When I was four I started sharing with my family my visions of heaven.  Through my conversations, through my art, and later poetry I brought my family to God.
What is your favorite food?

When half of the world goes to sleep hungry, my favorite food is the food I can share with others.
If you could build any house you wanted, what kind would it be?

A diamond shaped house. Instead of walls, an aquarium.  A million square feet home, with 1000 bedrooms, so anyone without a home could come and live with me.
If you had to choose a profession for a thousand years, what would you choose?

I still remember in heaven the music, art, dance, and speech is not separated: somehow all is blended with hundreds of sensations I cannot describe.  That's what I would do.
What do you do with your free time?

Hmm…all my time is free.  All my time is a gift, and I choose to do many things throughout a day that would be meaningful.  Apart from art and poetry, I love helping people, composing on the piano, playing chess, jumping on the trampoline, learning four languages, playing with my brothers or my dogs.
How do your brothers react to your extraordinary life?

The oldest two brothers, Delfini, and Jeanlu, decided to open the “Akiane” gallery for me and run it. And the youngest, Ilia, decided to run in it. Ha ha.. (Visit Akiane Gallery Here)
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself helping poor children around the world.  I see myself reading my poetry and showing my art during my international tours.  I plan to meet presidents, kings, and queens in many countries.  Maybe by then, I would have 100 more paintings and ten more books published.  I would also want to compose songs and to get married...  (See Akiane's Most recent paintings) 
What advice would you give to others?

Live for others, listen to God and spend time in the quiet.
How come you talk about God so much?

Because He listens.  Nothing comes from nothing.  Love cannot come out of nothing.  Love is God's light.  I just can't help talking about it.  (Who is Jesus, Prince of Peace) 
What is the most inspirational moment during the travels?

During one museum exhibit where hundreds of people were standing in line for three days just to shake my hand and look at my paintings.  One old lady stood up from her wheelchair for the first time in many years just to give me a hug.  And one boy who brought his whole family two days in a row.  No one knew he had a brain tumor and a few days before he died he talked about God in my art and asked to draw. 

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