Archival-quality Akiane Kramarik prints capture the beauty and reality of Akiane’s original paintings

Collectors and spiritual art lovers have marveled over the beauty and detail of Akiane’s paintings for years. The color and detail seem to transcend the canvas. While her original oil paintings are sought after, many are not for sale. That’s why Art & SoulWorks is dedicated to bringing you the finest, high-quality reproductions available in the world including signed limited-edition paper and canvas reproductions.

With Akiane Kramarik prints and reproductions, it’s now possible for everyone to own her inspiring art. In fact, Art & SoulWorks has been the Trusted Source for “Prince of Peace” Art by Akiane Kramarik for over 10 years and we offer Akiane Kramarik prints in a variety of sizes.

State-of-the-Art Master Printing process makes Akiane Kramarik’s prints come to life.

Giclée canvas prints of Akiane’s extraordinary artwork are available in our online Akiane Kramarik Art Gallery.Through a sophisticated inkjet process, the images are digitally captured and in is precision infused onto artist-grade canvas. The process, canvas, and archival-quality ink combine to create a long-lasting, collector-quality canvas guaranteed to last 100 years.

If you choose to frame your Giclée canvas it should be done without a mat or glass so that the print can breathe. Another benefit of this type of fine art is that it has the appearance of an original oil painting – often thought to be an original – not a print! Your local framing professional is likely very familiar with Giclée prints and can assist you in framing. In addition to canvas, matted prints are also available.

Prints make it easier for Akiane to achieve her mission to share God with everyone.

Even from a very young age, Akiane understood why she was given her gift and how she was to use it. “I have been blessed by God – and if I’m blessed, there is one reason and one reason only, and that is to help others. I want my art to draw people’s attention to God, and I want my poetry to keep it there.”

A word from Art & SoulWorks our founder …

Once I heard God’s message – “feed My sheep” – I sought a way to do that. I knew in my heart that it would include Jesus and art. When I heard Akiane’s story and saw her paintings, I knew my mission was to make affordable Akiane Jesus prints available to people everywhere. That’s why I’m delighted that Art & SoulWorks has been the Trusted Source for “Prince of Peace” Art by Akiane Kramarik for over 10 years.

Purchase Akiane prints in our online Akiane Kramarik Art Gallery.

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