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. . . Welcome to the mysterious world of, Akiane Kramarik, child prodigy, artist, poet, and visionary journalist ... who says " if I have been gifted by God it is for one reason only - to help others."

Akiane’s original paintings are unique, not only because she is a child prodigy, but also because of the versatility of her artistic expression. Akiane’s ability to paint her visions or glimpses of different dimensions and to explain the vision (often through her poetry) is a profound gifting from God. Most of Akiane’s original paintings take many months to complete.  Akiane first lightly sketches her idea then paintings are created using either oil or acrylic paints on canvas or linen. Her meticulous attention to detail has earned her global recognition as one of the top realistic artists in the world.  Unless she is traveling Akiane prefers a big canvas, and many of her originals are 48" x 60" and larger.

When Akiane first appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show over a decade ago, her original paintings sold for thousands of dollars each.  With current art trends, ongoing media attention, limited supply, and high demand Akiane paintings continued to appreciate. Many Akiane originals are held privately by Art Collectors and Investors and museums around the world.

To inquire about the availability and current pricing of the works that have captured your attention, please be in touch with our Art Director, Carol Corneliuson who is available to assist you Monday - Friday Mountain Time - 888.308.8659. If you prefer, complete the original art inquiry form, and Carol will be in touch promptly.

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 Tea-Room Series, Petite Original Canvas painted by Akiane Kramarik in 2016


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