Is Fine Art a Good Investment?

One of the most rewarding things about collecting fine art is that you’re acquiring something beautiful that’s every bit as inspirational is it is financially satisfying. Few things fill the soul with the same emotion and awe as a beautiful canvas. Moving images of historical people, thought-provoking scenes, and stirring moments from the Bible and beyond serve as a reminder that we are part of something bigger. That alone makes fine art ownership compelling, but it’s also just the beginning.  

The best art to invest in are pieces that move you to feel something extraordinary. Whether it’s a spiritual awakening or a reaffirmation of your commitment to a higher power, letting your instincts influence your artistic investments is a surefire way to appreciate your purchases for many years to come.

Art & SoulWorks, is dedicated to providing its patrons with artwork that embraces the very best in uplifting creations. At the very heart of our collection is the beautiful work of Akiane Kramarik, whose awe-inspiring visual message of hope has art aficionados clamoring for more.  Here you can choose from 100's of Akiane Kramarik painting and artwork for sale as part of our Gifts that Give back program that donates a portion of our proceeds to help others in need.

Where Do I Find Fine Art to Invest In?

When we discover a source of inspiration, it is only natural to want to hold on to that feeling!  Owning an inspirational piece of fine art or an original painting is exciting yet finding fine original Akiane painting or artwork for sale that you can invest in can be a difficult and even frustrating process if you’re not sure where to begin your search. It’s important to locate a professional that specializes in fine art – not all retail establishments value originals, or limited editions prints in the same what that so many collectors do and you want to be sure that your newest purchase is what you expect it to be. Companies that proudly carry licensed pieces with certificates of authenticity and that offer a satisfaction guarantee allow you to feel confident in your decision to invest in the artwork they have for sale and the services they provide.

Start your journey into spiritually guided art collection by connecting with a noted distributor who shares your devotion to wholeness and faith. The heavenly art showcased by Art & SoulWorks is as eye-opening as it is emotionally electrifying. Check out our incredible array of artists to invest in and infuse your home with inspirations that speak to your heart today.

How do I Invest in Fine Art Paintings?

Investing in fine art paintings starts with enthusiasm. What kind of art moves you? Which paintings will you enjoy viewing each and every day? Will you be proud to show them off to your friends and family? Does the artist’s message align with your beliefs? Will you be inspired? Will your faith be renewed? The answers to all of these questions can help guide you as you chose your path towards smart and fruitful investing.

Another important consideration is the story of the artists themselves. The astonishingly skilled Akiane Kramarik began having visions of God, Jesus, heaven, and angels when she was just 4 years old. At the age of 8, the prodigious Akiane produced a masterpiece entitled “Prince of Peace.”  Word of her four-foot-tall depiction of Jesus raced around the globe, inspiring millions and earning her international acclaim.

To learn more about Akiane, read her biography and view her work for yourself.

Are Fine Art Canvas Giclée Prints Still a Good Investment?

Experienced fine art enthusiasts may already be familiar with Giclée artwork, but for others, this French technique will be a brand new experience. Giclée means “spray,” and indeed Giclée pieces are images that have been digitally captured from the original work and then precision-sprayed onto an artist-grade canvas. The process is intensely meticulous and complete with the utmost in professionalism, result in a piece of art that is fade-resistant, vivid, and of the very best museum quality.

Whereas machine copies masquerading as artwork would not be a worthy investment, Giclée canvas prints would be a worthy addition to any collector’s portfolio-especially Limited Edition that has been signed and numbered by the artist.  Edition Giclee Reproductions should be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity identifying the piece of art, the value of the art and the artist's signature. A legacy, archival quality Giclée piece will retain its remarkable quality and detail for nearly a century, inspiring art lovers for many years to come. If you’re considering investing in canvas prints, begin by experiencing the window to the divine through our Jesus artwork. It may be the greatest gift your collection every receive.

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