Now Revealed: The Heaven is for Real Picture of Jesus Painter

The movie Heaven is for Real opens with a little girl painting the eye of a portrait. Later, we learn the portrait is Jesus. Thanks to the wildly popular movie, the painting has become known as the Heaven is for Real picture of Jesus.

What is the story behind the story?

The team is a trusted source for prints of the Heaven is for Real picture of Jesus. We invite you to learn more about the "little Lithuanian girl" and her connection with Colton Burpo, the boy featured in the book and movie Heaven is for Real.

Who is the "little Lithuanian girl"?

Although never named in the movie other than the “little Lithuanian girl,” the movie opens and ends with a portrayal of famed child artist and prodigy Akiane Kramarik. She is painting her vision of Jesus, which she saw at age 4. Truly a child prodigy, Akiane created this masterpiece at age 8. She titled this extraordinary portrait of Jesus “Prince of Peace.”

While she is of Lithuanian descent, Akiane Kramarik was actually born in Illinois. Mysteriously, at age 4, Akiane (pronounced ahh-key-anna) started to see visions of God, Jesus, and heaven. These visions were so beautiful that Akiane was compelled to express what she was experiencing – first in pencil drawings, then in pastels. By age 6, Akiane began painting in acrylics and oil. Her masterpiece “Prince of Peace” was completed when only 8 years old.

To date, Akiane has completed over 200 artworks and 800 literary creations. Plus, she has published 2 best-selling books. Akiane has appeared on many television shows for her amazing artistic talent, including CNN and the Oprah Winfrey show.

What is the connection between Akiane and Colton Burpo?

As told in the book and movie Heaven is for Real, Akiane’s “Prince of Peace” is the ONLY image of Jesus that Colton has EVER identified as the face of Jesus that he saw while he was in heaven. It’s stunning to realize that both Colton and Akiane met Jesus – and both have shared with the world the Real Face of Jesus. And it’s no wonder that this extraordinary portrait has come to be known as the Heaven is for Real picture of Jesus.

There are additional similarities with Colton Burpo & Akiane

  • Colton was 4 years old when he visited heaven. Akiane was 4 years old when she began experiencing visions of heaven.
  • Akiane’s painting “Prince of Peace” is the only picture of Jesus that Colton identifies as the Real Face of Jesus – now often referred to as the Heaven is for Real picture of Jesus.
  • Akiane’s painting of Jesus and, in particular His eye color, matches the color of the eyes of Jesus described by Colton, noted in the Heaven is for Real book, written by Todd Colton.
  • Adding further validation to Colton’s heavenly encounter, Akiane’s God-inspired “Prince of Peace” painting bears a remarkable resemblance to the image captured on the Shroud of Turin, as noted by experts.

Here are more similarities between Colton and Akaine:

  • Both were four years old when they first had heavenly experiences.
  • Both agree on the existence of an afterlife.
  • Both agree on the existence of God, Jesus, and Heaven.
  • Both have a deep and abiding faith in God and Jesus.
  • Both encourage others to explore and pursue a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Both met in 2012 for the first time on the Katie Couric show.
  • Both have more to share!

Since the movie was released, people around the world have been inspired to purchase the Heaven is for Real picture of Jesus.

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