What Are the Best Inspirational Easter Gifts?

Picking out a present is often a very personal thing, but choosing one of the best inspirational Easter gifts is also an opportunity. To celebrate a season filled with love and reflection, few gifts echo the hope embodied by Easter like inspirational artwork depicting the Prince of Peace in beautiful, vivid detail. For Christians everywhere, devotional art is a chance to honor your friend or family member’s faith with a gift they’ll cherish for a lifetime.

At Art & SoulWorks, we have an exclusive global license to share the awe-inspiring Jesus art created by prodigious painter Akiane Kramarik. Akiane first burst into the public conscious after completing her masterpiece, “Prince of Peace,” when she was only 8 years old. Since then, her work has gained international acclaim with the “Prince of Peace” portrait now recognized by many as the Real Face of Jesus. Click through to he gallery to learn more about her and her creations.

How Do I Find Inspirational Easter Gifts for Friends and Family?

A successful search for inspirational Easter gifts that celebrate the true meaning of Easter must begin with a company that embodies that same spirit. At Art & SoulWorks, we infuse our day-to-day lives and work with faith and hope, bringing the face of Jesus in all his glory to believers across the globe. By being an example of God’s abundance, we seek to lift up our fellow man, promoting the values espoused in the Bible as we live by those principles ourselves.

Art & SoulWorks takes great pride in offering up wholesome gift ideas that inspire and delight. From canvas prints to candles, tapestries to personal prayer sets, our collection includes the true image of Jesus in forms ideal for inspirational gifting. To give your special someone an everlasting gift of fine art, visit our page dedicated to the Prince of Peace.

Where Can I Buy Inspirational Easter Gifts?

Art & SoulWorks specializes in inspirational Easter gifts that are grounded in both beauty and faith. As the largest distributor of Prince of Peace art and gifts in the entire world, we believe that it’s possible to educate and hearten individuals and families through the incredible creations of child prodigy Akiane Kramarik. Despite being raised without religion, Akiane began seeing visions of God, Jesus, heaven, and angels when she was only 4 years old. Several years later, she began translating those visions into art, stunning all who witnessed the results. The art that bears Akiane’s name is as inspirational as her very own story.

As part of our mission, we’ve pledged 10% - 20% of the proceeds from our Prince of Peace gifts to Christian charities and other dedicated organizations that work tirelessly to help those in need. Read more about our philanthropy to discover how your purchase could encourage the good deeds and spiritual awakening of others.

Does Jesus Art Make a Good Inspirational Easter Gift?

Inspirational Easter gifts come in many shapes and sizes, but Jesus art is especially well-suited to serve as a reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice and that we are blessed to be alive. Akiane’s “Prince of Peace” portrait has been called the “Real Face of Jesus” by Colton Burpo, a young boy who visited heaven while undergoing an emergency operation. All the art Akiane has created is a result of God’s blessings, and that in of itself makes Jesus art a gift worth giving, not only at Easter but truly anytime of the year.

Our gifts of grace come in many forms. Canvas prints featuring the Prince of Peace are ideal for displaying either at home or in the office, and items like greeting cards, magnets, and bookmarks allow recipients to take the message of love and hope with them wherever they go.

This Easter, give the gift of Jesus art from our collection at Art & SoulWorks.