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While there are many Jesus paintings, most agree that the Real Face of Jesus has been revealed in “Prince of Peace” by Akiane as reflected in her God-given visions.

When you look into the eyes of “Prince of Peace,” the resurrection of Jesus painting, you may (like many) feel a stirring – a sense you are feeling His love and witnessing the Real Face of Jesus.

But why do we yearn to be connected with Him in such a personal way? What compels us to want to see Jesus’ face? Many feel that Jesus paintings are a touchstone for their beliefs because Jesus paintings offer a deeper connection to Him.

In fact, the Holy Scripture encourages us to “seek His face, His Presence, and His Word.”

  • “Seek the LORD and His strength; Seek His face continually.” 1 Chronicles 16:11
  • “I will go away and return to My place Until they acknowledge their guilt and seek My face; In their affliction, they will earnestly seek Me.” Hosea 5:13-15
  • “When You said, ‘Seek My face,’ my heart said to You, ‘Your face, O LORD, I shall seek.’” Psalms 27:8
  • “O God, You are my God; I shall seek You earnestly; my soul thirsts for You, my flesh yearns for You, in a dry and weary land where there is no water.” Psalms 63:1
  • “My soul languishes for Your salvation; I wait for Your word.” Psalms 119:81

While each of us longs to see the Real Face of Jesus, devotees have sought to portray the face and form of the Lord through paintings, mosaics, and marble for over 2,000 years.

For many believers around the world, the search for Real Face of Jesus ended when the resurrection Jesus painting, known as “Prince of Peace,” was revealed on the Oprah show over 10 years ago.

Akiane Kramarik describes herself as a Visionary Journalist Artist. Why? Since she was 4 years old, she has been gifted with what she describes as “inspirations from above” with visions of Jesus, heaven, and angels. She uses paint on canvas to “report” and share what she observes and experiences in both the physical and non-physical worlds around her. Akiane’s paintings are as precise as photographs. In fact, her meticulously detailed Jesus paintings have placed her among the top realistic painters alive today!

For more than a decade, Akiane has been recording her experiences from around the world and from around the universe. Akiane describes her access to the divine as “visions from Heaven.”

Verified by Colton Burpo (as seen in the movie Heaven is for Real) – and others who reported near-death experiences – Akiane’s “Prince of Peace” is the accepted standard for the portrait of Jesus.

“Prince of Peace,” the resurrection painting by Akiane, is the top-selling image of Jesus across the country in Christian establishments. And for a good reason. In addition to the fascinating story of Colton Burpo’s trip to heaven – and the fact that he subsequently identified “Prince of Peace” as the ONE and ONLY Jesus portrait that truly represents the Real Face of Jesus – there are other compelling facts.


Scientists favorably compare both the Shroud of Turin and the ISA mosaic with “Prince of Peace.” In response to this scientific documentation, Akiane said, “I feel humbled and privileged that my art is being recognized in the world of science.”


Akiane has a mission. She says, “If I have been gifted by God, and I have been, it is for one reason and one reason only – to draw people’s attention to God.”

Jesus “Prince of Peace” by Akiane Kramarik has gained global fame. People’s lives are forever changed and enriched by seeing the “Prince of Peace” and Akiane’s other Jesus paintings. Many describe a deeper connection as a result of being able to visualize Jesus and His abiding love.

Explore for yourself and let us know if you agree that this Jesus picture is worth a thousand words. If so, then Akiane’s Jesus paintings may speak volumes to you!

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