To millions of people around the world, these images of Jesus – including Prince of Peace artwork – represent the Real Face of Jesus

When You Said, Seek Ye My Face; My Heart Said Unto Thee,

“Thy Face, Lord, Will I Seek”

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Prince of Peace,  by child prodigy, Akiane Kramarik - prints available 

Perhaps these words found in Psalms 27:8 are a clue as to why, for centuries, the faithful have sought to create realistic images of Jesus Christ. Often these powerful touchstones of faith have spurred a key question: What did Jesus really looked like?

For many, that debate is over thanks to the heavenly gift of art given to an extraordinary child artist named Akiane Kramarik. Her portraits of Jesus, painted between the ages of 8 and 9, have become the accepted likenesses of Jesus and are consider 21st-century iconic image of Jesus Christ.


Akiane took an unlikely path to create her first two masterful images of Jesus: “Father Forgive Them” and “Prince of Peace.”

As a little girl, Akiane was not exposed to Sunday school. She was not surrounded by pictures of Jesus in her home. Bedtime prayers were not part of her routine. Her parents, who were not believers in Christ, were shocked when – at the age of 4 – she began sharing her heavenly experiences about her visits with Jesus. Akiane’s parents were even more shocked about her love and unwavering devotion to Jesus, her Lord, and Savior! Akiane began getting up in the wee hours of the morning to pray, then sketch her heavenly visions and encounters before they could fade from her memory.

Like so many others before her, Akiane was compelled to bring the face of Jesus from heaven to earth. She wanted to share her image of Jesus. She wanted to share the love of Jesus Christ with the world!

Akaine decided that in order to paint the most accurate images of Jesus, she needed to find someone with similar facial features as Jesus.

Akiane began searching for a man who fit the Jesus of her heavenly experiences. A year passed … her search was unsuccessful, so she felt God saying she needed to pray about it. She organized a prayer day involving her entire family. The next day, there was a knock at the door – their prayers were answered. You can read more of this miraculous story in her book: Akiane Biography: Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry.

Thanks to her prayer being answered, Akiane painted two amazing portraits of Jesus. The Prince of Peace painting sometime called the Resurrection Painting of Jesus, and Father Forgive, a profile of Jesus praying to Father God saying “Father forgive them, they know not what they do” just prior to His crucifixion.

    Many say a picture is worth a thousand words. How do these images of Jesus speak to you? If you would like to grace your home with “Prince of Peace” or “Father Forgive” we have many options!

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