The Turquoise Eyes, Canvas Print by Akiane Kramarik

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"16 x 20" Canvas Print" About "The Turquoise Reflection" We do look different at different times, and for different personalities. For some our features are plain, for others appealing, and...
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"16 x 20" Canvas Print" About "The Turquoise Reflection" We do look different at different times, and for different personalities. For some our features are plain, for others appealing, and our expression, glance and complexion changes hour by hour. One second our eyes are small and dull with boredom, the next they are huge and twinkle in excitement. One minute our hair is combed and smooth, the next the wind blows, and it is all messy. One hour the face is ordinary, the next with make-up in front of a camera - dramatic. A flawed face becomes flawless. One day we look sick with fear, the next we wake up beautiful with courage and joy. The spirit light within us moves like a creek changing us continuously. Artists, for example, see their own art differently than graphic designers reproducing originals. Computers, in turn, respond to art their own way. And then the art collectors view art with yet another perspective. Those that are color-blind see our rosy lips in blue or green hues and the blue eyes as gray. Virtually all the human and animal babies are so adorable, and their unconditional love views all caring individuals attractive as well. Sometimes we don’t recognize ourselves in dreams, films or portraits. Is this really me? Is this my family? To me, old people are so beautiful, yet when they look in the mirror at their own reflection, they see a stranger. Once I wrote about this: “When I am young - I never see myself.” When I am old, I always see myself young.” People spend much time and money improving their looks, but I have never heard of anyone surgically changing the shape or color of a heart for aesthetic purposes only. If the body is sick or deformed, the soul may feel trapped in the wrong body. But what if this is the fabric we ourselves had chosen, and all the life lessons gained from it are beyond our present understanding. One thing is clear to me; we are borrowing this temporary form for a short season and somehow must make the best of it. Our heavenly bodies are so light and luminous in comparison to stiff, heavy and awkwardly moving earthly bodies. Like a light bulb through a lampshade shining through; no matter how dark or colorful the lampshade of the flesh is, our soul should still shine through. Our purpose is to turn on our lamps and try to sparkle in any corner and in any condition. “The Turquoise Reflection” is an interpretation of my own personal dimensions. It is a self-portrait depicting not necessarily how I look or how I want to look, but how my spiritual eyes perceive one of my constantly changing reflections: the turquoise light of my own spirit. In order to adapt to that change I was actually painting unpredictably changing features and leaving them in transit on the canvas. But at the end most people still recognized my self-expression. The Turquoise Reflection Exposition – I vanish until tomorrow. Artificial love has no reflection. The challenges are no tougher than me. Whistle is a separating space. As soon as I find it, I try to stop myself from being its lock. One cage is filled with You. Another is filled with your Self. Your next move will change the whole world. Our perfect beauty pales in another world. When I judge myself, I freeze the truth of the secrets. When emotions break out, the excitement cannot hide its experience from anyone. There are not many choices left, when you argue with a beehive in your mind. You dominate over yourself with fists facing down. Love cannot be inside you unless you will it. Youth compresses weakness. But strength lies between weaknesses. When your staring looks back at you, start taking yourself seriously. In a workshop you leave a swing of yourself. An assignment for the expression: do not feel surprises! There is no way to protect sub-consciousness. Limited shelf life – the Self by itself. Akiane

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