This Is My Life, Canvas Print by Akiane Kramarik

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About "This Is My Life" As I was rereading a poem "Ballerina" I had written a year and a half ago and as I was preparing for This is my...
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About "This Is My Life"

As I was rereading a poem "Ballerina"

I had written a year and a half ago and as I was preparing for This is my life,

I briefly had an opportunity to join a group of ballet dancers and experience a glimpse of their unique life.

Through my observation and study I found out that a ballerina's performing life is very short, just like a butterfly's.

Her body and emotions must be healthy, so she would be able to train long hours and accept any ballet role offered to her.

Her life is life of creativity, patience and sacrifice.

A young dancer has to dance for many years before her ankles get strong enough for sur-les pointes - the point work.

That usually happens at around age twelve.

When finally I started painting, I tried to highlight the importance of tying the two ribbons - the ribbons of passion and dedication.

Without these ribbons the point shoes cannot be safely secured on the feet.

This is also a portrait of adolescence which cannot be a balanced transition between childhood and adulthood without a healthy focus and passion.

I did not paint a graceful dancer who wants to be the best ballerina.

I painted a devoted ballerina who wants to dance her best.

This Is My Life

i came from beyond learning to be the breathing wonder on the hanger the garland dress is alone sharpening my hearing of tapping -

is there someone to hold my sprained leg

i hide from the audience and replace the mirror with a picture of the ballerina with blistered feet i swing around and turn into a swan -

i fly and dance - i fall and dance

i lift my leg above my shoulders and dance all night

until the breathless waves of a pirouette roll over me

while the movement perfects love the blush wears off showing my clear cheeks

when my head is dizzy

when my ribbons are untied and my tights are ripped - this is my life

~ Akiane ~

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