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Gifts Christians Will Love

A true believer needs little more than a copy of the Bible to feel secure in their faith. There are a few accessories that can help seekers deepen their understanding of the gospel and develop better daily faith-habits. Christian gift ideas that reflect the beliefs of the recipient is a good way to show that you care about a person. Try any of these seven gifts to find something that fits your relationship and budget. Read More

7 Artists Drawing Artistic Inspiration From On-High

Creating beautiful and moving works of art has been a rich part of religious traditions for thousands of years. While some groups prohibit the creation of direct depictions of divinity, others encourage it. Many Christians have been moved to create inspiring pieces that capture their unique vision of biblical stories or their Savior himself. Learn more about how some people knew they were prepared for a life of art at a young age while others only discovered their talents later in life.Read More

Customer Testimonials

"Greetings, Carol & Akiane,

Thank-you for the Amazing News & Information's! Congratulation's with all the great work and thanks for the Prince of Peace painting, I've all-ways enjoyed beautiful art and I'm a fan of Akiane work, she is Amazing ! This old world needs a lot more kind hearts like her she's a very young and unique person who has truly been bless! Within the history of earths there's been times when Powerful Gifts of Great Talent were & will-be pass out of Heaven and placed in the hands of humans for the betterment of life on this planet, in my prayers are ones that Akiane will learn the ways of this world, then with understanding of events that are at times unjust, not let them harden her beautiful ways, I also pray she & you will have a great long-long life with all the Best Wonders!

Respectfully yours, Phillip H George"

"I just wanted to let you know that I received the canvas yesterday. It is more breathtaking "in person". I brought it today to have it framed and we have a rush on it to get in back in time for my husbands' birthday. I know he is going to be just thrilled.
Thank you again, Regards, Lorraine"