Colton's Story with Pictures of Jesus and Heaven illustrated for Toddlers

Colton Burpo Pictures of Jesus and Heaven in Heaven is for Real for little ones book by Colton Burpo

There’s more to the “Colton Burpo Picture of Jesus” story. Colton say, "I was in Heaven ... I sal on Jesus' lap."  His Experiences as a 4 year old as illustrated on the cover of his Heaven is for Real book for babies and todlers titled,  Heaven is for Real for Little Ones.

If you’re looking for more information about the Colton Burpo Picture of Jesus, here you will discover little-known facts about this inspirational story. After surviving an emergency appendectomy, 4-year-old Colton Burpo told his parents: “I was in heaven.”

This little boy’s astounding story of visiting heaven – and meeting Jesus – has riveted people around the world. The Heaven is for Real book is a #1 New York Times bestseller. It has been translated into about 40 languages. And it was the basis for the movie, also titled Heaven is for Real.

Here,at Art & SoulWorks, we are particularly inspired by Colton Burpo’s story ... especially becasue he really wanted to find a way for children to understand that Heaven is for Real and that Jesus really, really loves children ... 

Few realize that the book Heaven is for Real  almost didn’t get written.

Todd Burpo never planned to turn Colton’s story into a book, and he never imagined it would be made into a film. In fact, the Heaven is for Real book was published in 2010, seven years after Colton’s heavenly experience.

Todd Burpo was quoted as saying, “We never wanted to write it. It was not something that we pursued …  God brought people to us to keep prompting us to be willing to do it,” Todd said. “I never saw myself as a writer. I had a garage door business, I coached wrestling, I was a fireman, I’m still the state chaplain … I’ve got plenty of stuff to do.” But Todd and Sonja Burpo say they were called by God to tell Colton’s story.  Now there is a series of Heaven is for Real Books and teaching tools.  Click to explore all of the Heave is for Real Books and Gifts 

Heaven is for Real book series 

Colton Burpo identified the Jesus, Prince of  Peace painting as created by Akiane Kramarik as the Real Face of Jesus. 

Fascinated by his experience and description of Jesus, Todd Burpo showed Colton hundreds of pictures of Jesus over the years. Colton was a matter-of-fact sort of kid and responded with short comments: No, the eyes are the wrong color. The hair’s not right. And so forth.

But in December 2006, Colton and his father Todd Burpo (author of the Heaven is for Real book) were watching CNN’s news story on Akiane Kramarik, the child prodigy who painted her visions of heaven, including mesmerizing images of Jesus. The news story highlighted Akiane’s “Prince of Peace” painting, completed when she was only 8 years old. Upon seeing “Prince of Peace,” Colton declared: “Dad, that one’s right.”  To learn more about Akaiane and her Jesus painting purchase the book Akiane, her life, her art, her poetry - a tabletop hardcover book written by Akaine and her mother Foreli Kramarik - 136 pages with many of Akiane's early paintings including Prince of Peace and Father Forgive Them. 

In that moment, Colton Burpo recognized the face of Jesus that Akiane painted was similar to the  real face of Jesus he saw him in heaven!

Heaven is for real movie fans sometimes mistakenly refer to “Prince of Peace,” painted by Akiane at age 8, as the “Colton Burpo picture of Jesus,” becase in the movie the little artist who is painting the picture of Jesus is not refered to by name. Jesus, as seen in the Heaven is for Real book and movie is believed by many to be similar to the face of Jesus that Colton saw in heaven.

 Colton saw Jesus, angels, animals in heave illustration

So, What is Heaven like and what did Colton see in Heaven? Here are a few of Colton Burpo’s quotes about his trip to heaven and back: Colton says ... 

  • “I was in heaven.”
  • “Jesus was really happy.”
  • “Jesus has brown hair and hair on his face …"
  • "His eyes are so pretty … His clothes were white.”
  • “Everyone looks like angels.”
  • “Jesus told me his cousin baptized him.”
  • “John the Baptist was really nice.”
  • “Jesus is the only one in heaven who had purple on”
  •  "Jesus wore a “gold thing on his head.”
  • “ Dad, Jesus was answering your prayer.”
  • “Jesus said he wanted daddy to become a pastor.”
  • “God really really loves us.”
  • “Jesus is right next to God.”
  • “Jesus really, really loves the children.”
  • “Jesus died on the cross so we could go see his Dad.”
  • “I get to go back to heaven.”

    heaven is for real link online gallery with prince of peace by akiane


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