The Colton Burpo story: A little 4-year-old boy’s NDE and heavenly encounter with Jesus changes everything!

Todd and Colton Burpo

Imagine being whisked away for emergency surgery when you are only 4 years old. Imagine being overwhelmed by doctors, nurses, and other strangers – while being separated from your family. Imagine how scared you would be!

That was the scenario of little Colton Burpo who survived an emergency appendectomy at age 4. His family was overjoyed. But that was just the beginning…


Eventually, Colton made a full recovery from the painful surgery. God had answered his parent’s prayers! Yet when Colton came home from the hospital, his parents Todd and Sonja Colton, noticed a “difference” in their son that they could not exactly explain.

Little by little, Colton shocked his parents as he began sharing his astounding heavenly adventure of being with Jesus during his surgery. Colton began to share surprising details and private family matters. Todd and Sonja Burpo were stunned!

Colton’s parents began to realize that the “difference” they were sensing in their son had to do with his encounter with Jesus and his heavenly experiences. At age 4, Colton Burpo would be forever changed, because of this experience – God has given him a heavenly perspective of life.

As word spread, everyone asked: “What is heaven like?” And Colton had more to say!

Colton told how he was able to look down and see his doctor operating on him. He saw his dad praying in the waiting room and yelling at God while he prayed. Colton saw his miscarried sister whom no one had told him about – she hugged him while he was in heaven. And he met Pop, his great-grandfather who died 30 years before he was born. Young Colton Burpo shared impossible-to-know details about his surgery and about his family members.

Eventually, Todd Burpo recorded Colton’s story in the New York Times #1 bestseller, Heaven Is for Real.

In the Heaven is for Real book (and subsequent movie), we learn the true story about Colton Burpo’s experience. The young son of a Nebraska pastor, Colton slipped from consciousness and entered heaven during emergency surgery.

Colton’s picture of heaven and many more details are available in his book Heaven is for Real for Kids.

Heaven is for Real book series

Told by Colton’s father Todd Burpo – yet often in Colton’s own words – the disarmingly simple messages tell us what Heaven is like, including:

  • Heaven is a real place - everyone is happy in heaven!
  • Heaven is more amazing than you can imagine.
  • Jesus really, really loves children.
  • Jesus said to believe in Him and follow Him.
  • In heaven, you live forever with God!
  • When you know it's real; heaven changes everything!


Archangel Michael

What is heaven like? Who did Colton Burpo see in Heaven?

Colton told his parents that the angels sang to him, so he would not be afraid. He told them he sat on Jesus’ lap, surrounded by winged angels. Colton could describe everyone he saw in heaven and shared details about Jesus, the Arch Angel Michael with his special sword, Mary, John the Baptist, and even his unborn sister, who had “died in his mommy’s tummy.”

Colton Burpo wants you to know that “Jesus really, really loves you.”

Skeptics have tried to explain Colton’s experience based on his knowledge of Bible stories. Initially, Colton’s parents were skeptical too. But then Colton unexpectedly began to share even more astonishing revelations that further confirmed the fact that his heavenly visitation was true.

Colton was able to describe Jesus in both character and appearance. He went on to say that Jesus then sent him back to earth to answer Todd’s prayers. Colton also described the horse that only Jesus could ride. He told how “reaaally big” God and His chair are. And he told how the Holy Spirit “shoots down power” from heaven to help us. And with child-like innocence and unwavering conviction, Colton Burpo tells us that “Jesus really, really loves you.”  


heaven is for real book movie picture of Jesus by Akiane Kramarik heaven pictures

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