Akiane Kramarik Jesus Painting titled I AM - Jesus 26 years Art-SoulWorks.cm

I Am – Canvas Giclée Art Print

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Give your home or office an added touch of elegance with this I Am canvas Giclée print. Designed to depict the likeness of a young Jesus, the piece is available in three different sizes. Exquisite detail makes Akiane Kramarik's I Am a true treasure. Ideal...
Prince of Peace Canvas

Prince of Peace – Canvas Art Print

From $ 179.95

Enjoy the exquisite beauty of Jesus, Prince of Peace as painted by Akiane Kramarik with this canvas print. Choose between open and limited edition versions in several sizes. Available in a multitude of sizes, Prince of Peace is widely recognized as Akiane Kramarik’s first masterpiece...
Father Forgive Them, Canvas, Akiane Kramarik painting of Jesus

Father Forgive Them, Canvas, Akiane Kramarik painting of Jesus

From $ 179.00

Bring peace into you home with this reminder of Jesus' love and prayer for us.  This portrait of compassionate forgiveness is conveniently available in 5 sizes Considered an Akiane Kramarik masterpiece, this Father Forgive Them, canvas portrays realistic details of Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane and...
I Am with Verse 23427 Save 10%

I Am, Framed Artwork,

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Bring inspiration into your home, dorm or office. Out of the box and ready to display this beautiful picture of young Jesus ships immediately. This inspirational design features Akiane Kramarik's, I AM, and is an amazing tribute to the humility and sacrificial nature of Christ. At...
Limited Edition 2016 Easter Basket  - Large Save 28%

Jesus, Prince of Peace, 2016 Limited Edition Gift Basket

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Small Basket is a collection featuring the Price of Peace by Akiane Kramarik 1 - 2016 Prince of Peace Calendar - with 12 - 13" x 11" Akine Kramarik Prints 1 - 15 oz. Ceramic Mug with quotes: "Jesus is the Prince of Peace" &...
I AM young Jesus, Double Matted Print

I Am – Double-Matted Art Print

$ 99.95

Bring the warm essence of Akiane Kramarik’s I Am art piece to your home with this stunning depiction of Jesus at age twenty-six. Professionally double-matted, this high-quality paper print arrives ready to slip into any standard 16-inch by 20-inch frame for hanging or desktop display....
Father Forgive Them - Double Matted Print

Father Forgive, Jesus Praying, Double Matted Print

$ 99.95

Detailed Description Outside Dimensions: 16"(w) x 20"(h) Image Size: 11"(w) x 14"(h) Material: Archival photo paper printed in the USA Finishes: Professionally Double Matted Other: Designed to fit standard 16”(h) x 20”(w) frame
Mother's Love, Akiane Kramarik, Blessed Mother Mary & Baby Jesus

Mother's Love, Canvas, Akiane Kramarik painting of Baby Jesus & Mary

From $ 179.00

Description Akiane's "Mother's Love" painting of the Blessed Mother Mary with baby Jesus is an allegory telling the story of Jesus life from his birth to the resurrection of Christ.  Painted for early visions informing Akiane of the virgin birth of Jesus every detail of this...
Mother's Love Matted Print

Mother's Love, Double Matted Print

$ 99.95

Detailed Description Outside Dimensions: 16"(w) x 14"(h) Image Size: 11"(w) x 14"(h) Material: Archival Photo Paper Finishes: Professional Double Matting Other: designed to fit standard 16”(h) x 20”(w) frame
Mother's Love - Paper Print - Mother Mary with Baby Jesus

Mother's Love, Baby Jesus & Mary, Paper Print

$ 59.95

Mary is painted in a silky blue robe as Akiane interpreted her vision of baby Jesus and Mary, his beautiful young mother. The robe connects both of them as if they were one. In this painting Mary’s story is one of Faith and Love. It...
I Am - Jesus age 26 - Paper print

I Am – Paper Art Print

$ 59.95

Add beauty to your home or office with this I Am paper art print. Designed by Akiane Kramarik, this piece depicts Jesus in his twenties and features tons of mesmerizing detail. I Am by Akiane Kramarik shows a young Jesus—around the age of twenty-six—as he...
Prince of Peace - Paper Print - Heaven is for Real Picture of Jesus

Prince of Peace – Paper Art Print

$ 59.95

If you've ever wondered what Jesus looks like, you'll enjoy the gorgeous details of Akiane Kramarik’s Prince of Peace artwork. This quality picture is printed on archival photo paper for years of beauty. Completed at the young age of eight, Prince of Peace is perhaps...
Father Forgive Them - Paper Print - Jesus in Gethsemane Praying

Father Forgive, Jesus Praying, Paper Print

$ 59.95

Prince of Peace, the Resurrected Jesus painting by Akiane is also called the Heaven is For Real face of Jesus.  Akiane's painting is believed by many to be the same face mysteriously imprinted in the Shroud of Turin.   Print Details Image Size: 11"(w) x 14"(h)...
Prince of Peace Double Matted Print

Prince of Peace, Ressurrected Jesus, Double Matted Print

$ 99.95

Rich in detail this life-like portrait of Jesus is professionally double matted with complimentary colors designed to draw immediate attention to the love and compassion seen in the eyes of Christ.  The original painting was completed by child prodigy, Akiane Kramarik, at age 8 and introduced to the world by...
Prince of Peace, Desk Set with mug Save 25%

Prince of Peace, Desk Set, Framed Photo & Mug

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Product Description: Prince of Peace Framed Art Desk Set features Jesus as painted by Child prodigy Akiane Kramarik at only eight years old and includes a Heaven is for real Mug, Handy key chain and Jesus Picture pocket card … a daily reminder of the...
Prince of Peace, Framed Jesus Art

Prince of Peace, Framed Photo for Desk or Tabletop

$ 24.95

Product Description: Set this framed picture of Jesus on your desk or nightstand and focus on Prince of Peace as often as you like!  Out of the box and ready to display! Realistic and life-like in every detail,  you many find great peace when pondering this Jesus picture.  There is such comfort in his...
Framed Miniture Prince of Peace by Akiane Kramarik

Prince of Peace, Framed Miniture

$ 14.95

Place this tiny treasure on your desk or at your workstation and enjoy Jesus, Prince of Peace as often as you like! A powerful yet discreet reminder that Jesus Love You right where you are! Many know this image as the Heaven is for Real face...