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Our Mission is to share God with the world - one Jesus picture at a time! Prince of Peace is available as a FREE download globally as our reason for hope and our eternal encouragement – a picture is worth 1,000 words - just looking at “Prince of Peace” speaks volumes about the love and compassion of Jesus. 

Art & SoulWorks is the Global licensors and distributor of Prince of Peace and Art by Akiane. We design, develop and manufacture “Prince of Peace” gifts at every price point – from bookmarks and cards to tapestries and wall art.

20% of our proceeds are donated to charities and organizations dedicated to helping others in need around the world. Gifts that you purchase from Art & SoulWorks are Gifts that Give Back!


Here Are A Few of the Organization, Causes, and Ministeries we Support


The Jesus Alliance - Uniting Believers

Hope of the World Compassion Projects

Glory & Peace International Ministries

Jerusalem International House of Prayer

The Great Commission - Sharing the Gospel

Cultural Restoration Through Biblical Values

Samaritan's Purse


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