Art & SoulWorks, Our  Story, Mission and Gifts that Keep Giving

Art & SoulWorks is dedicated to providing you with a variety of uplifting gift choices. Our goal is to create beautiful, value-based gifts with a message of hope and wholeness that you can be proud to own and share with your family and friends. And if you are a retail store owner, church or charity we are happy to offer most of our item at wholesale pricing.

We are especially pleased to be global licensors and distributors of “Prince of Peace” and all art by Akiane Kramarik. Considered one of the top 20 living artists, Akiane painted her first masterpiece “Prince of Peace,” her portrait of Jesus, at age 8. Now as a young adult, Akiane’s visions of God, Jesus, and heaven are a constant inspiration for her work.

Our Mission

Art & SoulWorks’ mission is to be an example of God’s love and abundance by providing value-based retail products designed to inspire, educate and promote wholesome values and ideas to individuals and families globally.

Our Gifts of Grace “Give Back”

Art & SoulWorks gifts give back to the Earth and the needy. For example, our keepsake bookmarks, ornaments, and accessories are handcrafted from “recycled” copper, brass and nickel – we’re proud to be green! Plus, all printing and packaging are done in the USA. Also, a portion of our proceeds is donated to charities, organizations, and causes that help the needy.

Our Privacy Policy

When you order from Art & SoulWorks, your contact information is confidential and is exclusively for contacting you to ensure accurate shipment, invoicing and informing you of occasional promotions.


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