Book Darts, Archival Passage, Line and Book Markers

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Do you have a deep and devoted love for books?  Use BookDarts to help you "remember the point" and keep you beloved books free of pen, pencil and highlighter marks. ...
3 Mixed Color Collection

Do you have a deep and devoted love for books?  Use BookDarts to help you "remember the point" and keep you beloved books free of pen, pencil and highlighter marks.  Also known as Passage Points, BookDarts are widely used to mark a quote, note a page and record facts without damage to book pages.  Select the metal style that fits your personality best and then buy them in multiples to keep where you read most often.  Select from Mixed Metals, Stainless or Bronze.  Remember the Point without harming the pages with the use of Passage Points BookDarts!


 Verse Keeper BOOK DARTS ARE PRECISION CUT, paper-thin metal line markers that attach easily to any page and won't leave a lasting mark. Use again and again for a lifetime. Eliminate: Bent corners, Paper clips, Underlining, Highlighting, "Sticky Papers" (and sticky pages). An elegant alternative to highlighting, underlining, and folding page corners, these metal line markers are just the thing for students who need to keep their books in good condition for re-use or resale.

·        MADE IN THE USA and packaged in a gift-ready tins/sleeves, Book Darts let bookworms both mark and preserve the beauty of the written word. Book Darts allow students and booklovers to mark their pages and notable passages without leaving a lasting mark. With Book Darts, you can quickly and easily note and relocate meaningful lines of text for future reference and discussion on books both borrowed and owned. Unlike paper clips that leave a dent and sticky notes that can be an eyesore

·        THE LOVE OF BOOKS initially spurred the idea of Book Darts. Marking a book with a pen or high-lighter, turning down page corners or using paper clips to tag important passages only shortens a book‘s life. Book Darts were developed to enrich the reading experience by allowing readers to mark important lines and easily re-find them without harming the pages (and, thus, to encourage re-reading). Help keep your books in tip-top shape with these thin, reusable book darts. Darts are packaged in a reu

·        THEY ARE BOOK-FRIENDLY enough for public libraries, often judged indispensable by students, educators, and other readers of what has lasting value. Answers the question: "How can we mark our exact passages, find them again, quickly and surely, and never harm the page?" Now you don't have to remember all the answers, just where to find them. Book Darts are a tool for recalling exactly what you need from within any text. Once you find it, we'll help you hang on to it. Think of each dart as a switc

·        PERFECT GIFT for students, teachers, cooks, lawyers, ministers, librarians, book lovers, researchers, women, men & teens! These tiny devices will fundamentally change the way you read, they are line-markers, rather than page-markers; tiny, persistent, unobtrusive, non-damaging annotation devices, visible even from the side of a closed book. To put it simply they are miraculous!

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