Gallery Wrapped Canvas Giclée Prints

The most sophisticated printing process today, in called a “Giclée” (pronounced zhee-clay), a French word that means "spray". To produce a Giclée work, the images from an original work of fine art are digitally captured and precision-sprayed directly onto the artist-grade canvas using highly sophisticated inkjet printers and archival-quality ink. The colors of the inks gently mix together on the surface to create true colors, rather than the dots that the eye has to blend together in a lithograph, creating a result much more like the original painting. Also, compared to traditional lithography Giclée printers use six or more ink colors, rather than just four. The finished product is a fade-resistant, collector-quality work of fine art that is certified to retain its color and detail for over 100 years.

Displaying, Stretching and Framing your Fine Art

Because of the deep, rich surface texture of canvas, a Giclée is often mistaken as an original work of art.  With Gallery Wrapping you can beautifully displayed your fine art  with or without a frame. Canvas has especially prepared with a “mirror edge” are called a Gallery Wrap, that can be displayed as is for a modern look or mounted within a frame to compliment more traditional decor. When framing your art, remember, canvas needs to “breath” therefore we do not recommend covering the canvas with mats, glass or acrylic. Consult with your local gallery or framing professional. They are trained to assist you in further enhancing your art with a stretching or framing solution that meets your personal decorating needs.

Cleaning and Caring for Canvas Art Giclées

When cared for properly your Giclée will yield a lifetime of richly textured beauty and detail that can becomes legacy art passed down for generations to come. To ensure your Giclée on canvas reproduction remains beautiful, we recommend the following for care and cleaning:

NOTE: Your Giclée is canvas and needs to “breath.” We do not suggest mats, acrylic panes or glass

  • When carrying a stretched Giclée, hold the artwork by the frame or the outer edge of the stretcher bars. Looping your fingers under the stretcher bars may “stretch” your canvas.
  • Hang your Giclée in an area with moderate temperature and humidity levels as extreme heat, cold, humidity and temperature fluctuations may damage your artwork or cause it to warp.
  • Avoid hanging your Giclée in direct sunlight. Although the highest-quality fade-resistant inks have been used, exposure to direct sunlight will cause fading over time.
  • Dust buildup on your work of art can be removed by lightly dusting it with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth, an electrostatic dust cloth or a feather duster once every year or so.
  • Never, ever use water to clean your canvas artwork as the water droplets may bead and permanently damage the canvas.
  • Never use solvents or cleaners of any kind on your canvas art print.
  • When storing your Giclée consider a professional art box or otherwise take care not to lean the image against anything - doing so may cause stretching or puckering of the canvas.

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