Is the Heaven is for Real Jesus painting for sale?


“Prince of Peace” is perhaps Akiane Kramarik’s most noted painting. She created this when only 8 years old, and it was recently featured in the hit movie Heaven is for Real. Due to the divine nature of many of Akiane’s original paintings, they are considered global treasures and are sought after by collectors around the world. Yet they are not for sale!

Most of the Jesus series paintings are keep in the Kramarik family’s private collection – including “Prince of Peace,” which is often referred to as the Heaven is for Real Jesus painting. Some of Akiane’s masterpieces are valued at over a million dollars. Though originals are not for sale, reproductions are available as both Limited and Open editions.

The movie (and bestselling book) tell the true story of Colton Burpo’s visit to heaven, where he spent time with Jesus.

After surviving an emergency appendectomy, 4-year-old Colton told his parents: “I was in heaven.” After his near-death experience, Colton’s father showed him hundreds of pictures of Jesus. In December 2006, Colton and his father were watching CNN’s news story on Akiane Kramarik. The news story highlighted Akiane’s “Prince of Peace” painting. That’s when Colton declared: “Dad, that one’s right.”

In that moment, Colton Burpo identified the Heaven is for Real Jesus painting as the Real Face of Jesus – Akiane’s “Prince of Peace” painting is the Real Face of Jesus!

Akiane has utilized her God-given talents to create over 200 art pieces and 800 literary works. Both of her books are bestsellers. Akiane has accomplished much recognition. Yet more important to her than financial success is fulfilling her life’s mission. Akiane says, “If I have been gifted by God, and I have, it is for one reason and one reason only – to help others.”

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An important mission for Art & SoulWorks is for everyone to have a relationship with Jesus, to see the Real Face of Jesus, be inspired by it, and share Jesus with others.. In fact, we want everyone in the world to know about Jesus and the Akiane “Prince of Peace” painting – the Real Face of Jesus, as identified by Colton Burpo. That’s why we offer are here!  We encourage you to share this inspiring image with others.

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Read an excerpt from Heaven is for Real…

During emergency surgery, 4-year-old Colton Burpo went to heaven. In the months that followed, his parents were amazed as he began sharing his experience. Here is an excerpt from Heaven is for Real, the astonishing story of Colton’s trip to heaven and back, as told by Colton to his father, Todd Burpo.

“Sitting at my makeshift desk, I looked over at my son as he brought Spider-Man pouncing down on some nasty-looking creature from Star Wars.

“Hey, Colton,” I said. “Remember when we were in the car and you talked about sitting on Jesus’ lap?”

Still, on his knees, he looked up at me. “Yeah.”

“Well, did anything else happen?”

He nodded, eyes bright. “Did you know that Jesus has a cousin? Jesus told me his cousin baptized him.”

“Yes, you’re right,” I said. “The Bible says Jesus’ cousin’s name is John.”

Mentally, I scolded myself: Don’t offer information. Just let him talk…

“I don’t remember his name,” Colton said happily, “but he was really nice.”

John the Baptist is “nice”?!

Just as I was processing the implications of my son’s statement – that he had met John the Baptist – Colton spied a plastic horse among his toys and held it up for me to look at. “Hey, Dad, did you know Jesus has a horse?”

“A horse?”

“Yeah, a rainbow horse. I got to pet him. There’s lots of colors.” …


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