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“Prince of Peace", the Jesus painting seen in both the Heaven is for Real Book and  the Heaven if for Real block buster movie is perhaps Akiane Kramarik’s most noted painting. 

Prince of Peace by Akiane Kramarik available in canvas size 36x48" Limited EditionThis Image of “Prince of Peace,” is sometimes referred to as the Heaven is for Real  painting of Jesus because that is where most people first saw this picture of Jesus.  Recently the original "Prince of Peace" is said to have sold for $850,00 to a private collector.

" In December 2019, Prince of Peace was recovered by the artist's family and sold to a private collector" for $850,000"  So, no ... the original Prince of Peace painting created by Akiane Kramarik at age 8 is sold ... but YES, Signed and Numbered Limited Editions Gicless are available.   Originally, 500 Limited Collector Edition "Prince of Peace" canvas reproductions in the large size of  36 x 48-iinches were made available..  This is the largest size of the original Jesus, Prince of Peace painting created by Akiane as a child.  What is a Limited Edition?  In this case, "Limited Edition" means that this size canvas print is LIMITED to a maximum of 500 to be available!  Art & SoulWorks Prince of Peace, on canvas, in the Limited Edition size 36 x 48-inches.  It is available exquisitely framed or, as seen here, stretched and ready to display.  Click Jesus painting here or the Jesus Artwork link below for more information. 

The Heaven is for Real Movie and best selling book tell the true story of Colton Burpo’s visit to heaven, where he spent time with Jesus and how he discovered the painting of Jesus seen in Heaven is for Real titled Prince of Peace by Akiane.

After surviving an emergency appendectomy, 4-year-old Colton told his parents: “I was in heaven.” After his near-death experience, Colton’s father showed him hundreds of pictures of Jesus. In December 2006, Colton and his father were watching CNN’s news story about Akiane Kramarik. The news story highlighted Akiane’s “Prince of Peace” painting. That’s when Colton declared: “Dad, that one’s right.”

In that moment, Prince of Peace, as painted by Akiane Kramarik, was identified by Colton Burpo as Jesus ...  much as he saw him in his visit to Heaven.  

If you have been seeking the real face of Jesus may you be inspired by Colton's story and and by the Jesus painting by Akiane that is featured in the Heaven is for Real movie and books.  In addition "Prince of Peace", artist Akiane Kramarik has painted several other images of Jesus including "Father Forgive Them" and "I AM" and "On My Knees" also available from Art & SoulWorks.  Prince of Peace and Father Forgive Them paintings  may represent the Real Face of Jesus, as identified by Colton Burpo - one eternal day perhaps we will know for sure

To Purchase any one of these portraits, including Prince of Peace and also called the Heaven is for Real Jesus painting or the profile of Jesus, titled, Father Forgive Them - Click the Jesus Artwork button and visit the Jesus Art Gallery