The Jesus pictures featured in the Heaven is for Real book and movie match the Shroud of Turin. Many believe this is the Real Face of Jesus Christ.

Akiane Kramarik Paintings - Prince of Peace and Father Forgive

For so long, humanity has ached to see the Real Face of Jesus. We know Jesus is a person who desires a relationship with us. If we could only see his face … gaze deeply into his eyes. We look at artistic depictions of Jesus in classical artwork, painted through the centuries. But are there Jesus pictures that depict the REAL Face of Jesus Christ?

Scripture tells us:

When thou said, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, LORD, will I seek. Psalms 27:8 You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

Discover the story behind the story:

The search is over. Many believe that Akiane has given us the Real Face of Jesus!

Akiane Kramarik is THE visionary painter of Jesus. Of the thousands of Jesus pictures painted through the centuries, only Akiane’s masterpiece, “Prince of Peace,” has been recognized by so many who have had near-death experiences. One of those is Colton Burpo, who visited heaven and met Jesus while undergoing emergency surgery when just 4 years old. Colton’s experience is told in the book and movie Heaven is For Real.

Akiane’s Jesus paintings are God-given – given to her to inform the world.

A self-described Visionary Journalist, Akiane Kramarik’s story is truly remarkable. At age 4, Akiane began experiencing visions of Jesus, God, and heaven. A child prodigy, she began drawing, then painting, masterful works of her visions. Her 2 extraordinary oil paintings of Jesus – “Prince of Peace” (painted at age 8) and “Father Forgive Them” (painted at age 9) – are powerful portraits of Jesus.

Think about it. A little girl with no formal art training has amazed people worldwide with her profound art – Jesus pictures that she created to reflect visions she began having when only 4 years old.

Also intriguing is the fact that, at the time she began painting, Akiane had never heard of Jesus or attended church! Her father was agnostic and her mother an atheist. Neither parent spoke about God or heaven at the dinner table. They did not attend church. And there were certainly no bedtime prayers in her home. Imagine the mother’s surprise when her 4-year-old daughter informed her that she had been with Jesus in heaven and had important “visions from Heaven” that she needed to draw and capture before they faded.

Only Akiane’s “Prince of Peace” Jesus picture has been verified by so many to be the Real Face of Jesus.

In the weeks and months following his emergency appendectomy, 4-year-old Colton Burpo began revealing his experience of visiting Jesus in heaven – and seeing God! Eventually, Colton’s parents shared this story in the book Heaven is for Real, a New York Times #1 bestseller.  Click to learn more about Colton Burpo’s near-death experience.

People wanted more of the story – there was such a thirst to learn more about this little boy and his astounding experience. That’s why the book Heaven is for Real was turned into the Heaven is for Real movie in 2014.

Colton identified Akiane’s Jesus picture as THE Real Face of Jesus. In fact, Akiane’s “Prince of Peace” is the ONLY portrait of Jesus that Colton has confirmed as the likeness of Jesus Christ.

Plus, experts compare the Shroud of Turin and the ISA mosaic to Akiane’s “Prince of Peace.”

In both the scientific community and Christian community, there is much discussion about Akiane’s “Prince of Peace” painting of Jesus Christ – and the uncanny resemblance to both the Shroud of Turin and the ISA mosaic. This is further evidence that Akiane, through her God-given visions and talents, has shared with us the Real Face of Jesus.


Akiane has a mission. She says, “If I have been gifted by God, and I have been, it is for one reason and one reason only – to draw people’s attention to God.”

Akiane’s portrait of Jesus Christ “Prince of Peace” has gained global fame. People’s lives are forever changed and enriched by seeing the “Prince of Peace” Jesus pictures and often speak of experiencing the essence of His love. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Akiane’s art speaks volumes.

While Akiane’s life experiences and heavenly artwork seem incredible, her story is real! What’s more, people around the world agree that “Prince of Peace” represents the Real Face of Jesus Christ.

Obviously, we are witnessing the truly miraculous through Akiane. It is amazing to view the world through the divinely inspired pictures of Jesus that Akaine has painted. Akiane revealing the Real Face of Jesus at this time in our world is a loving gift from God. Decide for yourself as you explore what we believe is the Real Face of Jesus, reflected in both “Prince of Peace” and “Father Forgive Them” – Jesus pictures painted by a little girl with a God-given gift and mission.


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