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Jesus Prince of Peace with Father Forgive Them Akiane Paintings age 8-9

Art & SoulWorks' mission is to be an example of God’s love and abundance by providing a variety uplifting and wholesome gift choices designed to inspire, educate and promote Bible-based values to individuals and families globally. Art & SoulWorks creates gifts you will be pleased to own, share or sell (if you are a store owner or manager). Many of our gifts feature “Prince of Peace” the Heaven is for Real face of Jesus painted by child prodigy, Akiane Kramarik.

Jesus says “if you Love me feed my sheep”. To that end Art & SoulWorks offer FREE Jesus cards online at and also donates 20% of our proceeds to local, national and global outreach programs that are dedicated to helping others in need.

Prince of Peace ● Inspired by God ● Painted by a Child ● Featured in Heaven is for Real

A Picture Worth 1,000 Words!

Prince of Peace and Akiane Kramarik at age 8