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Diane, I retrieved my puffin from the post office this afternoon, and immediately began to use it.....I'm working on an embroidered quilt top for my grandbaby. Goodness, it's a beautiful piece of art that is totally functional. I love it!! Thank you so much. I think these will make great stocking stuffers for my stitching friends...who will undoubtedly be jealous when they see mine at our next get together. Peace, Kathy

Just wanted to say your products are wonderful. I was so pleased when I used them in the car and everything stays in where I can find it. Not on the floor or between seats. The magnets are nice and strong, so nothing gets lost. Anyone who stitches while traveling will really like the needle nannies and scissor fobs. Any chance you will do a bear on the ruler or needle nanny? Merry Christmas! Donna

Diane - got the Puffin a while ago and really love it! If there were a pin on the other side, I would wear it as jewelry. By the way, I found your advertisement in the November/December 2008 issue of Quilter's Home. Two places sold it, your company and You had the best shipping prices so I went with you. Debbie

Diane, I am in love with my puffin and I love the idea of the puffin perch organizer. I’d like to see that for sale on your website sooner rather than later! Many thanks for such a superb product – hugely useful and gorgeous as well. Jan

I got the puffins in the mail last night and have put them to the test already. They are great, and they are very pretty. A very good value...looking forward to the stands. Thank you for the very fast service. Judie

Hi Diane, Received my Puffin and Needle Minder and could not be more pleased! They look like little works of art! To answer your questions - I purchased the Puffin as I was working on a project that requires a lot of metallic threads (DMC Light Effects) and was having a real tangled mess every time I had to separate the threads. When I use the Puffin they pull apart smoothly with absolutely no tangled mess - what a joy! I purchased the Needle Minder to put on the outside of my large quilted project bag to hold my scissors when I am working on my cross stitch. It is wonderfully strong for the job! I have fairly heavy 4" Dovo embroidery scissors and it is great not to have to take them out of the case each time when I am working. The first time that I saw your Puffins was on the Shepherds Bush (love them, have lots of their charts, wish they had online ordering) web site some time ago. Then just recently while looking at the Needlework Show online I saw your products and your web site address, and as I was having the metallic thread problem, I immediately went to your web site and ordered. I am so happy that I did! In fact, due to the "little works of art" factor, I am going to order another design and also a stand. Many thanks for a great product! Regards, Johnynne

Today I received the Magnetic Needle Nanny and love it. The magnets are strong and can’t wait to put it on my projects to hold needles and scissors. I also love the reusable plastic envelope it comes in.Once again great Puffin heart, I will always enjoy looking at it and get great satisfaction using it. Thank You Maria

Since I have watched your video I thought I would try the Puffin to separate twisted threads, like Kreinik braid. As a teacher I am always looking for new and novel ways to use different types of threads. The problem with separating twisted thread is that it knots very easily if you tyr to separate a length longer than about 6 inches, as the thread from the bottom starts to bunch up and creates a knotted mess. Therefore, students are not as enthusiastic at trying to separate twisted threads because of the large failure factor. What I did find using the Puffin is that knots are no longer a problem because the weight of the PUffin keeps the thread taught. However, the separation process is different than that for floss. For twisted threads, the Puffin is placed at the bottom of the thread and left hanging in the air. At the top of the thread , separate out a single strand of the thread from the rest of the twisted threads, grasp the strand and slide the rest of the threads down towards the Puffin. When separating Kreinik braid, the "strand" is really just a blending filament and therefore somewhat fragile for breakage. The Puffin helped enormously (!) for separating the braid. Hurray! I love having tools that make my life easier. I can't wait to try other experiments! I will be glad to take my Puffin with me to teaching assignments and demonstrate to the class-both the separation use and the weight for the twisted cord. One thing many needlepointers hate when stranding thread is getting the threads in quite a tangle, which can happen to even the most experienced needleworkers. Joni Stevenson, Joni S Designs

The needle nannies arrived yesterday. I now have a total of 14 of your designs. I’ve tried other brands, but they don’t hold up – not even half as strong as yours. They’re all wonderful designs, but my last minute addition of the Rooster, really surprised me. He’s absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait to see your new ones when they are released. Sincerely, Libbi.

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